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Press Room
See what the media is saying about our guru system. The page below summarizes the significant mentions of Validea in the media. Click on the article title to view the full article.

Kiplinger, December, 2015
11 Stock Picks From the World's Greatest Investors

Santa Cruz Sentinel, June 25, 2015
Harry Domash, Online Investing: Let gurus do heavy lifting

Business News Network, May 14, 2015
Invest Like a Guru - Value in the Markets

Barron's, April 11, 2015
Websites That Track Warren Buffett

Fox Business, August 26, 2014
Where Are the Investment Opportunities in Healthcare?, August 6, 2014
Diamonds in the Rough

WILS Radio, July 9, 2014
Interview With John Reese

Brush Up on Stocks, June 12, 2014
Modeling Buffett's brains for big gains: 7 stocks

Fox Business, February 25, 2014
Do You Have an Investing Advantage Over Warren Buffett, January 16, 2014
How to Invest Like Peter Lynch, November 22, 2013
Finding Buffett-Style Buys

Business News Network, October 28, 2013
Be Like Buffett

Seeking Alpha, February 19, 2013
Picking Stocks: Validea Offers A Refreshingly Different Approach

CBS Marketwatch, January 25, 2013
Five Life Lessons to Invest By

The Globe and Mail, December 17, 2012
The Secret to Warren Buffett's Investing Success

CNBC, December 7, 2012
Street Signs: Hot Stocks to Watch

MSN Money, June 27, 2012
The Keys to Buffett's Success

Wall Street Week, May 16, 2012
Learning From Those Who Have Been Most Successful

CNBC, May 7, 2012
Warren Buffett's Strategy for Success

CNBC, October 27, 2011
Deconstructing Buffett

MSN Money, July 28, 2011
Buffett's Seven Best Stocks Today

MSN Money, March 9, 2011
6 Companies for Buffett to Buy

Barron's, March 20, 2010
With Warren as Your Wingman - by Mike Hogan

New Rules of Investing, February 9, 2010
The Web's Best Stock Screens

The Globe and Mail, January 6, 2010
Value investor guru's strategy still works

MSN Money, December 16, 2009
7 stocks for Buffett's Christmas list

The Globe and Mail, December 2, 2009
Investing by copying Warren Buffett's style

The Kirk Report, November 23, 2009
Interview with John Reese

MSN Money, November 2, 2009
5 great stocks still under $5

Business Day, August 26th, 2009
Is Joel Greenblatt's 'magic formula' still beating the market?

Fox Business, August 4th, 2009
Investing Like Warren Buffett

The Globe and Mail, May 23, 2009
Choosing Stocks Approved by the Gurus

MSN Money, May 6, 2009
12 stocks for a slow-moving recovery

SmallCapInvestor, April 15, 2009
Interview with John Reese

The Globe and Mail, April 1, 2009
Sage Advice from a Buffett Based Portfolio

New Rules of Investing, November 25, 2008
Investment Screening 2.0

Fox Business, October 29, 2008
Following Top Value Fund Strategies

The Kirk Report, October 21, 2008
Benjamin Graham Stock Picks

The Disciplined Investor, June 2, 2008
Profiting from the MSN Strategy Lab

MSN Money, January 23, 2008
How Buffett is playing this market - by Michael Brush

CBS Marketwatch, November 16, 2007
Invest Like a Guru

MSN Money, February 14, 2007
Cloning Buffett and other master investors - by Michael Brush

Investor's Hotline, October 25, 2006
Interview with John Reese

The Globe and Mail, June 29, 2006
Stock picker simulator gives pros a run for the money

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, May 21, 2006
Heard Off the Street

Medical Economics, February 17, 2006
Following the Masters

The Globe and Mail, June 9, 2005
Website gives U.S. gurus' views on Canadian stocks

The Daily Record, February 25, 2005
Website Helps You Copy Stock Portfolios of Top Investors

SmartMoney, September 2004
How to Beat the Screening Blues

The Wall Street Journal, July 26, 2004 ($$)
Lessons from Stock-Picking Legends

Wall Street Week with Fortune, May 28, 2004
Man vs. Machine

MSN Money, May 12, 2004
Virtual Buffett: How Software is Beating the Masters - by Michael Brush, March 10, 2004
The Dream Team, February 18, 2004
Letting Legends Do The Picking

Washington Post, January 25, 2004
Follow the Famous Pickers - by James K. Glassman

Financial Times, September 13, 2003
Internet a Safer Source of Advice: Analyst Forecasts - by Alpesh Patel, August 17, 2001
Would-Be Stock Gurus Find Celebrity Online - by Paul Cox

Los Angeles Times, August 14, 2001
Help for Investors in Need of Objective Advice - by Josh Friedman

Barron's Online, August 13, 2001
Trust, but Verify - by Kathy Yakal, May 23, 2001
Underdog guru is tops on Street - by Mike Tarsala

The San Francisco Chronicle, May 14, 2001
Website Screens for hot tech stocks - by Harry Domash

Bloomberg Personal Finance, May 1, 2001
Above the Rest; Where can you find insightful, independent analyses of companies? The truth is out there. - by Anne Monroe, April 19, 2001
Bookmark These Stock Research Sites - by Mark Ingebretsen, March 23, 2001
An analyst's rating: For what it's worth - by Cecily Fraser

Worth, February 1, 2001
Table of Contents: What They're Buying Rated the No. 1 stock column by

TechTV, January 29, 2001
Making Big Bucks by Doing Your Homework - by Steve Enders

Yahoo! FinanceVision, January 23, 2001
Stock Picking Performance - by Fred Johnson & Mary Snow

What you read may land you in the red - by Amy Higgins

MSN MoneyCentral, December 21, 2000
Our 2000 stock picks: Solid hits, few home runs - by Dan Fisher, December 18, 2000
Domini added to Ford benefit plan - by Craig Tolliver

Yahoo! FinanceVision, December 4, 2000
The Best and Worst Stock Pickers

Investment News, November 20, 2000
Websites start picking on the stock pickers; Winners and losers facing new scrutiny - by Rosemarie Maldonado

Yahoo! FinanceVision, November 13, 2000
Wall Street Watchdog

The Electronic Accountant, October 18, 2000
Stock-picking Tool Joins Forces with Edgar Online

Yahoo! FinanceVision, October 17, 2000
Don't Believe the Hype

Newsweek, October 16, 2000
STOCK TIPS: Analyzing The Analysts

Hartford Courant, October 8, 2000
Mine These Sites for Gems of Insight - by Matthew Lubanko

CBSMarketWatch, October 2, 2000
Rating the stock pickers - by Deborah Adamson

Wall Street Journal, September 28, 2000
Auto Safety Reports, Flamenco, Ratings of Financial Soothsayers - by Andrea Petersen, Fall 2000,
Forbes' 'Best of the Web' [Fall 2000]

Online Investor, September 2000,
Blue Chip Pick

US News & World Report, August 28, 2000
Online investment tips could be monkeyshines - by James M. Pethokoukis

Business Week, July 21, 2000
Ten Sites Worth Investing Your Time In - by Robert Barker
Barker's tour of the Net finds help with everything from asset allocation to picking tech stocks

Washington Post, July 19, 2000
Surfing for A Killer - by Sebastian Mallaby

Raging Bull, July 17, 2000,
The analyst chase - by Brad Hill, June 29, 2000
Dealflow: Validea rates the stock market gurus - by Karie Atkinson

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, June 26, 2000
Web Sites Help Investors Decide Which Stock Pickers Are Golden - by David Runk

LA Times, June 20, 2000
Follow That Tip? Site Rates Stock Touts Pitched in Media - by Josh Friedman, June 19, 2000
The Value of Stock Analysis On The Internet - by Luciano Siracusano

CNBC, June 15, 2000
"Cool Web Site of the Day" - by Bill Griffeth

St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sunday, May 14, 2000 - by Carol Gurstelle

Yahoo! FinanceVision, May 12, 2000
An Investor's Saving Grace?, May 5, 2000,
Please, No Autographs. We're Professionals, Summer 2000,
Forbes' 'Best of the Web' [Summer 2000]

New York Software News, May 2000,
Executive Interview - John P. Reese, An Investor's Saving Grace?

Online Investor, May 2000,
Who's Tracking the Trackers? - by Mark Ingebretsen

ZDTV, April 2000
Featured on ZDTV's 'The Money Machine' Program

Bloomberg, May 2000
Weigh the Pros and Cons - by Gregory Taggart

USA Today, April 24, 2000
HOT Site of the Day

TipWorld, April 10, 2000
Online Investing Tip of the - by Brad Hill

Raging Bull, April 7, 2000
Quotes, charts, and ideas - by Brad Hill

New York Times, March 26, 2000
Personal-Finance Sites, in Search of Novelty - by Michelle Leder, March 11, 2000
Web Sites Help You Explore World of 'Quants' - by Mark Ingebretsen, Spring 2000
Forbes' 'Best of the Web' [Spring 2000]

San Francisco Chronicle, Monday December 13, 1999
Guru Analysis Examines Stock Strategies - by Harry Domash

The Hartford Courant, Saturday December 11, 1999
Grading the Gurus - by Matthew Lubanko

CNBC, December 2, 1999
Web Site Offers Gurus' Stock Picks - by Hal Plotkin

Barron's, August 16, 1999
Expert Opinions - by Kathy Yakal
Two "expert" Websites, one a little more so than the other.  

San Francisco Chronicle, Monday July 12, 1999
Websites Give Investors Advice - by Harry Domash, June 18, 1999 chooses as a COOLTOOL

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