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A Message from Validea CEO and Founder, John Reese:

Over the past 15 years, I have been conducting extensive research into quantitative investment strategies. The goal of my research was to find winning strategies that had consistently outperformed the market over the long term, and which the average investor could use in a practical way. What I discovered is that a number of history's greatest investors, including Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and Benjamin Graham, had made their fortunes by using approaches that were mostly quantitative.

After studying the works of these and other stock market greats, I used my background in computer science and artificial intelligence to develop the sophisticated yet easy-to-use guru-inspired models that power the research and portfolios on On Validea, I offer 14 different investment portfolios (you get access to every one of those!) and tell you exactly what to buy and what to sell. You also get access to my Validea Hot List newsletter and patented stock analysis engine that x-rays over 6,500 securities using each different guru strategy.

Over time, the quantitative guru strategies I run for subscribers have proven their value, and as I write this, eleven of the twelve 10-stock guru-based portfolios on are ahead of the market since their inception, with many more than doubling the market's return.

Here is a summary of my models' returns since their inception:

Portfolio Based On Return S&P 500 Return Excess Return
Value Investor Benjamin Graham 322.7% 94.0% 228.6%
Price/Sales Investor Kenneth Fisher 285.0% 94.0% 190.9%
P/E/Growth Investor Peter Lynch 222.4% 94.0% 128.4%
Validea Hot List Validea 200.3% 94.0% 106.3%
Growth Investor Martin Zweig 195.6% 94.0% 101.5%
Earnings Yield Investor Joel Greenblatt 131.1% 53.5% 77.7%
Growth/Value Investor James P. O'Shaughnessy 138.7% 94.0% 44.7%
Patient Investor Warren Buffett 124.2% 82.9% 41.4%
Low PE Investor John Neff 73.5% 74.6% -1.1%
Contrarian Investor David Dreman 79.2% 94.0% -14.8%

If you are interested in learning more about me and my professional and academic background, click here. To summarize, I graduated from MIT and Harvard Business School. I was a technologist early in my career, and I built a successful technology-related firm in the 80s and early 90s. I'm the author of two investing books and the holder of two US patents in the area of automated stock analysis. The research on Validea is a culmination of decades of investing and engineering research and I share that knowledge every day with subscribers to

As a subscriber to Validea, you will receive the following benefits:

"Guru Analysis" of individual stocks using 12 different Guru Strategies. You can see how more than 6,000 stocks stack up against each of these methodologies, which were inspired by such great investors as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Martin Zweig, Peter Lynch, Kenneth Fisher, and others. And you won't just get pass/fail assessments -- you'll be given a criterion-by-criterion explanation of why a stock does or doesn't pass each and every step of all 12 of these models.

12 different model portfolios, each of which chooses stocks using one of my individual Guru Strategies (you get access to every one of those!). At the end of 2012, eleven of my twelve 10-stock individual guru portfolios were beating the S&P 500 over the long term, with four more than doubling the index!

2 consensus-based portfolios that buy and sell stocks based on a blend of my individual Guru Strategies. Both of these portfolios averaged more than 10% annualized returns from their July 2003 inceptions through the end of 2012 -- a period in which the S&P 500 averaged gains of just 4% per year!

A powerful Guru Stock Screener that x-rays over 6,500 securities using each of my Guru Strategies. This Advanced Guru Screener also allows you to search for the highest-rated stocks by sector or industry group, and even lets you add your own fundamental criteria to create customized guru models (and save them for future use).

Access to my Validea Hot List newsletter. The bi-weekly newsletter provides an in-depth look at our flagship Hot List portfolio, which through 2012 has produced gains of more than 170% since its July 2003 inception -- more than 3 times the gains of the S&P 500. The Hot List also provides you with closer looks at my individual guru-based models, and my take on the market and investment strategy.

Daily updates on which stocks have been upgraded or downgraded by my guru-inspired models. When a stock's fundamentals falter, you'll know right away.

Site Videos - View a few short videos, narrated by Validea CEO and Founder, John Reese, that display just a few of the tools and features available to all Validea users.
An Introduction to Guru Investing (5:02)
Our Model Portfolios (3:25)
Guru Analysis (3:34)

Questions? Want a one on one site walkthrough? - If you have questions or if you're still unsure if Validea might be right for you, please contact us at (877) 439-0506 or at We will spend the time with each and every user who would like a personal site demonstration.

By signing up today, you'll also receive two special reports at no charge:.

  • Invest Like Warren Buffett: With your free trial, you will receive a complimentary copy of the Warren Buffett chapter from my new investment book, The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies.

  • The Validea Advantage: How can you benefit from the approaches used by such legendary investors as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Martin Zweig? This report answers that question, putting you on the guru-led path to better returns

  • Both reports are yours to keep regardless of whether you continue your subscription beyond the free trial.

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