Fundamental analysis, model portfolios and stock screens based Buffett, Graham, Lynch and other Wall Street Legends. Check out the videos.

In these videos, Validea founder and CEO, John Reese, walks you though the research and tools available on On Validea, you can see how over 6,000 stocks stack up based on 12 different guru strategies. Each model gives you a final score and tells you why the particular stock you are interested in passes or fails […]

Thomas Lee Expects Market Dip in 2017

Managing partner and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Thomas Lee, has changed his typically rosy tune about the direction the market will take in the year ahead, according to a Bloomberg article from last week. Once the “most vocal champion on U.S. stocks,” the article says he is now “its biggest bear.” In a client […]

Zweig Says Fees Should be Linked to Performance

The practice by many fund managers of charging flat fees to clients regardless of their performance isn’t fair to investors, says Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal. The tides are changing, he says, but not quickly enough. Federal law allows a mutual fund to raise fees when it outperforms, but only if it lowers […]

Jim Paulsen Sits Between Bull and Bear

Where the market is headed, says Wells Capital Management’s chief strategist, is more like a “bunny” market than a bear or bull. In last week’s Barron’s, Jim Paulsen explains that a bunny market, “doesn’t typically suffer a bear market collapse nor does it rise as fast as a bull market. We expect the bunny to […]

Emerging Market Investor Picks for 2017

Bloomberg News offers a list of popular emerging markets for 2017 and the reasons why investors should be targeting them: Russia: The ruble is a “top bet” for investors that “borrow currencies with low interest rates and buy high yielding ones.” According to UBS Group AG, the ruble’s “carry trade” could potentially return 26 percent […]

Top Fund Managers Cautiously Optimistic on 2017

Notwithstanding the market’s strong run in 2016, many money managers feel uncertain as to the impact of the Trump administration both domestically and globally, according to several Morningstar Medalist managers. Here are highlights of their thoughts: Brian Berghuis, manager of T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth, anticipates some volatility related to the president elect’s “hard-line agenda,” […]

Chasing Dividend Yield Into a Value Trap

In their ongoing pursuit of dividends, investors should be careful not to indiscriminately buy with only dividends in mind, according to strategists at Mellon Capital in this week’s Barron’s. “Building a portfolio of dividend stocks needs to be carried out with precision, research insights, and a meticulous focus on underlying company fundamentals,” the article says. […]

Arnott: Emerging Markets Hold Promise

Although EM stocks have taken a beating in recent years, things may be looking up, writes Validea CEO John Reese in this week’s TheStreet. Reese offers insight from Research Affiliate’s Rob Arnott, who thinks that, notwithstanding swelled valuations (based on Shiller PE ratios), “emerging-market stocks offer an attractive combination of depressed currencies, low valuations and […]

Barron’s: Active Funds Could Make a Comeback

After years of weak performance and a battered reputation, there may be better days ahead for active fund managers, writes Jack Hough in this week’s Barron’s. Investors have been favoring passive funds for years. However, Hough writes, “for tactical investors, the timing might be good for a contrarian move. All that cash pouring into index […]

Expectations for 2017 Market

An overview of expectations and factors that could affect the market in the coming year were outlined by strategist Burt White of LPL Financial in a recent Barron’s article. GDP: “We expect growth to accelerate modestly to near 2.5% with a low chance of a recession in 2017, driven by gains in consumer and business […]

How to Use the News to be a Contrarian Investor

If you follow the lead of media hype in your investment decisions, writes InvestmentNews senior columnist  John Waggoner, you “might meet the same fate as most contrarians: Flat on the ground and covered with hoof marks from the herd on the Street.” He cites the “classic” example of a 1982 Business Week cover titled “The […]

Top Stock Picker Follows Graham and Dodd

“For the second consecutive year, the top stock picker is a practitioner of the valuation model introduced in the 1930s by Columbia University professors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd,” writes Bloomberg’s Matthew Winkler. That stock picker is J. David Wagner, vice president of Baltimore-based T. Rowe Price Group and manager of the T. Rowe Price […]

Mauboussin on Active Vs. Passive Management

A paper co-authored by Michael Mauboussin of Credit Suisse addresses important issues to consider in relation to the continued and increasing shift from active toward passive fund management. Those investors who are moving their money to passive funds, the paper argues, are “less informed than those who stay.” For every winner, it says, there must […]