Muhlenkamp High on Healthcare, Tech Stocks

Ron Muhlenkamp, whose fund has bounced back strong this year after a rough stretch and has now beaten 90% of funds in its class in the past decade, is high on high-quality technology and healthcare stocks. According to Kiplinger’s, Muhlenkamp is high on tech firms like Hewlett-Packard and Cisco. He’s also made a bundle on […]

When More Stocks Doesn’t Equal More Diversification

Diversification is a topic we often discuss on this blog, and in the video below Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal offers some very interesting thoughts on the topic. According to Zweig, many studies have shown that holding 20 to 30 stocks can diversify away much of the risk you’d get by picking just […]

Siegel Sees 4%-5% Growth Ahead

Wharton Professor and author Jeremy Siegel says he thinks the U.S. economic recovery will surprise to the upside, with 3.5% GDP growth in the fourth quarter and 4% to 5% growth in the first half of 2010. Siegel tells Bloomberg that he believes that by December or January the U.S. will see its first positive […]

Bolton Eyes China

Fidelity’s Anthony Bolton, one of the U.K.’s most successful fund managers before retiring in early 2008, is putting retirement on hold as he tries to take advantage of what he says is the “opportunity of a generation” in China. Bolton is starting a new fund focused on companies exposed to Chinese consumer growth, The Wall […]

Mobius: Be Ready for Emerging Market Correction

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says investors should be ready for a 20% correction in emerging market stocks, triggered by Dubai’s attempt to delay its debt payments and compounded by the devaluation of the Vietnamese currency. “This may be the trigger to allow for the market to take a rest and pull back,” Mobius told […]

Fisher Still Bullish, Focused on Materials Stocks

Kenneth Fisher thinks that a strong internal demand for materials and commodities in emerging market countries is part of what will continue to drive materials stocks higher. Fisher also tells Bloomberg that areas that do okay in the first part of bear markets but badly on the back half of bears — like materials in […]

Ritholtz on the Economy/Market Disconnect

Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture blog and Fusion IQ says that, while the economic recovery is anemic, a number of other factors are making stocks continue to look attractive. Ritholtz, who called both the market crash and the recovery, tells Yahoo! TechTicker that as long as the economy remains weak, the Federal Reserve will […]

Biggs Sees Market Moving Higher

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs tells Charlie Rose that he expects the next major move in the market will be to the upside, and says he thinks the U.S. would be wise to add more stimulus into its recovering economy. Biggs says he’s looking for the market’s next big move to be a 10% to […]

Gross Says to Buy Utilities

Bond guru Bill Gross of PIMCO is finding value in at least one area of the stock market: utilities. In his monthly investment commentary on PIMCO’s web site, Gross talks extensively about the sub-1% money market yields that investors are faced with amid the Federal Reserve’s low-interest-rate push. While that might have been acceptable during […]

Dreman: Correction, Major Inflation Coming

Noted contrarian investor and author David Dreman says a correction is coming for the stock market — but he says investors are best off just holding their ground and riding through it. In an interview with Fox Business, Dreman says it’s too hard to tell exactly when the correction will occur. And, given his belief […]

Paulson Bets Big on Gold …

Hedge fund guru John Paulson is making a big move into gold, launching a new fund that focuses on shares of gold miners and other gold-related shares and gold derivatives, The Wall Street Journal reports. Paulson’s hedge fund is already a “major holder” of gold shares, including AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. and Kinross Gold, according to […]

… but Buffett Steering Clear of Bullion

While one of the world’s best investors, John Paulson, is making a big bet on gold, another — Warren Buffett — is looking elsewhere. David Pett of Canada’s Financial Post notes that Berkshire Hathaway’s latest holdings disclosure “indicates that the world’s greatest investor isn’t loading up on gold or precious metals. Indeed, he lists no […]

Siegel Says Rally Has Plenty of Room to Run

While stocks are up some 60% from their March lows, author and Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel says the rally is “far from exhausted”. In his column on Yahoo! Finance, Siegel says that stocks may appear to be overvalued using 2009 projected earnings per share. According to those projected EPS, the S&P 500 has a P/E […]

Faber: Still Opportunities in Stocks

Marc Faber of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report still sees opportunities in stocks after the big rally, and says stocks can help protect against the high inflation he’s expecting down the line. Faber, who counts the 1987 crash and the recent March low among his prescient market calls, tells Bloomberg that stocks aren’t very […]

Avoid “Confirmation Bias”

In his latest Wall Street Journal column, Jason Zweig discusses one of the behavioral pitfalls that can drag down many investors’ portfolios: confirmation bias. What is confirmation bias? “In short,” Zweig explains, “your own mind acts like a compulsive yes-man who echoes whatever you want to believe. … A recent analysis of psychological studies with […]

Kass: Market May Be Getting Ahead of Itself

Doug Kass of’s RealMoney, who successfully called both the market decline in late 2008 and the rebound in March of 2009, is becoming wary of the current rally. Kass feels that the current valuation of the market is pricing in a much more favorable economic environment and is not taking into account the probability […]

Hulbert: Corporate Insiders are Buying

Corporate insiders are not among the many groups of people who expect this rally to stall, according to Mark Hulbert of Marketwatch. Insiders have actually substantially upped their purchases of their own stock in recent weeks, indicating that they are bullish about the future prospects of their companies. The ratio of insider sells to buys […]

Sonders: “V” Shaped Economic Recovery is Underway

Schwab Chief Market Strategist Liz Ann Sonders, who correctly predicted the recent recession in October 2008 and its end in June of 2009, remains optimistic about the economic future of the US. In an interview with Yahoo Tech Ticker, Sonders explained that she thinks we are already in the “V” portion of a V shaped […]

Dorfman: “Channeling Graham” in Search of Value Stocks

John Dorfman, the well respected Bloomberg columnist and chairman of Thunderstorm Capital, discusses Ben Graham’s contribution to investing and his value-based investment approach.  Dorfman outlines Graham’s strategy, which includes looking for stocks that trade for less than book value and less than 12x earnings. Graham, according to Dorfman, also wanted to see “earnings power over […]