Yacktman: Blue Chips Still Selling Near 18-Year Lows

Even with the market up more than 90% off its 2009 lows, top fund manager Donald Yacktman says he’s still finding big values in big, blue-chip stocks. “I don’t think the opportunities are anywhere near what they were two years ago,” Yacktman tells Barron’s. “But what is staggering to me is high-quality companies still selling […]

Mobius on How to Invest in China

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says that he’s still high on Chinese stocks, but that — as in any market — good stock-picking and a disciplined approach are key to making money in that part of the world. “I have heard queries from baffled investors about past underperformance of the Chinese stock market despite the […]

Buffett: Dollar Will Decline

Reiterating his belief that the U.S.’s stimulus policies will lead to inflation, Warren Buffett says investors should steer clear of long-term American fixed-income investments, because the dollar will not hold its purchasing power over the next decade or two. “I would recommend against buying long-term fixed-dollar investments,” Buffett said at a news conference during his […]

Reese: Top Picks from the Rebounding Healthcare Sector

In his latest column on Seeking Alpha, Validea CEO John Reese says his Guru Strategies are finding some intriguing picks in the healthcare sector. “For much of the two-year-plus stock market rally, the healthcare sector has been left far behind the rest of the market,” Reese writes. “That’s changed recently. While the rest of the […]

Study: Why Stocks Could Do Well in Next Decade — Even If Growth Is Slow

Since the stock market crash of late 2008, investors have heard a lot about the “New Normal” — the notion that we’re now in a new era of lower-than-average economic growth, and lower-than-average stock market gains. But a new study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, a group that is affiliated with […]

Tricks for Spotting Neff-Type Bargains

In a recent column for Bloomberg, John Dorfman channels John Neff, who compiled one of the best track records ever while managing the Windsor Fund for more than three decades. “One of Neff’s techniques that I like is scouring the list of stocks that have reached 52-week lows,” Dorfmnan explains. “In his book ‘John Neff […]

Whitney Sounding Not-So-Gloomy

Meredith Whitney — the banking analyst who was one of the few to warn of the financial crisis ahead of time, and who has maintained a pretty gloomy outlook since the crisis — is now seeing some positive signs in the economy. Whitney tells Maria Bartiromo in an interview for USAToday that she thinks defaults […]