Mobius Sees Derivatives Leading to Another Crisis

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says the continuing use and growth of derivatives in financial markets is going to lead to another financial crisis. “There is definitely going to be another financial crisis around the corner because we haven’t solved any of the things that caused the previous crisis,” Mobius says, according to Bloomberg. “Are […]

Herro on Strategy, and Why He Likes Japan

Top fund manager David Herro says discipline and longer-term thinking are keys to successful investing. “You have to be grounded, first of all,” Herro tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack. “You have to have a very sound investment philosophy from which to operate from. And number two, and perhaps most importantly, is you have to apply discipline. […]

Keep It Simple with Global Blue Chips

While many investors dabble in commodities and currencies, Joe Rosenberg, chief investment strategist of the Loews conglomerate, says to focus on large-cap U.S. multi-national stocks. Rosenberg tells Fortune that he looks for companies that are financially sound, showing rising profits, and selling inexpensively relative to profits and free cash flow. Among the specific criteria he […]

Great and Expensive or Good and Cheap?

While stocks with great growth stories often attract investors’ attention, Jim Oberweis says companies that aren’t quite as attractive but have better stock valuations can be a better investment. “As much as I love businesses with seemingly bulletproof growth stories, it is the combination of business quality, growth opportunities and stock price that really matters […]

Gross On The Deficit, and Big Blue Chips

PIMCO’s Bill Gross says he doesn’t think the U.S. will seriously tackle its deficit issues until the 2012 presidential election, and says blue-chip U.S. stocks are a “much more attractive” alternative to Treasuries based on their current yields. “It’s obvious that both Democrats and Republicans want to address the problems with spending and, yes, want […]

Gabelli Looks for the Unloved

Value investor Mario Gabelli says he likes to buy shares of companies that are “ignored and unloved”, and those that are potential buyout targets. Gabelli also tells Bloomberg that he focuses on stocks that benefit from aging demographics, whether it be aging people or aging facilities and infrastructure.

Five Magic Formula Stocks for the Year Ahead

In his latest article for, Validea CEO John Reese examines his Joel Greenblatt-inspired approach, which has beaten the market by about 10 percentage points per year over the past five-and-a-half years. “Greenblatt’s two-step approach is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use,” Reese writes. “That’s because, like Warren Buffett, Greenblatt realized that […]

Muhlenkamp Likes Big Global Growth Plays

Top value investor Ron Muhlenkamp says big international growth stocks like Intel look attractive right now. “It is fascinating that Intel sells for just 10 times earnings,” Muhlenkamp tells Money Magazine. “Intel dominates the chip market, and its balance sheet is rock-solid. And it has a 3.3% dividend yield — that is irresistible.” Muhlenkamp also […]

Biggs Bullish, Despite Slowing Economy

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says the economy has slowed, but he remains bullish on U.S. stocks. “The U.S. and the global economy have clearly slowed pretty significantly,” Biggs tells Bloomberg Surveillance. “That’s arousing the bears, who believe we’re going to slip back into a long soft patch at best or maybe even a double-dip […]

Fisher on the “Fretting Zone”

Kenneth Fisher says investors need to stop being so myopic, and instead focus on the bigger picture. “Markets don’t care one whit about news sooner than about 90 days from now or longer than about 30 months out. The period in between is the fretting zone,” Fisher writes in his latest Forbes column. “To hell […]

Achuthan, ECRI See Slowdown, But No New Recession

Economic Cycle Research Institute Managing Director Lakshman Achuthan, whose group has an impressive track record of forecasting economic trends, says global industrial growth is headed for a slowdown. But he doesn’t think another recession is coming. “There’s a downturn in global industrial growth in clear sight,” Achuthan says, according to Investor’s Business Daily. “Commodity price […]

Sonders on What the Commodities Tumble Means for Stocks

In her latest market commentary, Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders looks at the recent commodities decline, and at what it might mean for stocks. While stocks and commodities don’t always move in tandem, Sonders says, their correlation has been high since late 2008, when the “risk-off, risk-on” trade started. “It’s been our […]