Swensen on The Active/Passive Debate

Yale endowment guru David Swensen says investors should either be totally active or totally passive in managing their money. “There are two sensible approaches to investing — either 100 percent active or 100 percent passive,” Swensen said at the John C. Bogle Legacy Forum hosted by Bloomberg Link, according to Bloomberg. Unless an investor has […]

Greenblatt: Less Is More In Portfolio Management

The more you try to do with your portfolio, the worse your returns will often be, according to hedge fund guru Joel Greenblatt. In a column for Morningstar.com, Greenblatt explains why investors who tried to implement his “magic formula” investing plan by themselves have fared worse than those who have asked for the plan to […]

Dreman Likes U.S. & Canadian Markets

Contrarian guru David Dreman says he’s finding the biggest investing opportunities right now in North American stocks. Dreman tells Canada’s Globe and Mail that over the long term — the past 25 years — the S&P 500 has basically been in a dead heat with more glamorous foreign markets. And, he adds, “There isn’t a […]

Wien Sees Oil Prices Falling, S&P Rising in 2012

Blackstone’s Byron Wien has released his annual list of “surprises” for the coming year, and among the predictions are a decline in oil prices to the $85 range, the housing market hitting bottom, and the S&P 500 hitting 1,400. He tells Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker that the oil prediction is based on a few factors, […]

Sonders Says Bottom “Largely In” for Housing

Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders has made some very prescient calls on the economy and housing in recent years, and now she says that the much-maligned housing market may have finally hit bottom. “It’s time for a fresh look at housing. My conviction level does not match that in 2006, but I do think the […]

Top Forecaster: Market Fundamentals Best in 20 Years

Top forecaster Norman Fosback says “the market’s fundamental position has evolved to the most favorable alignment in 20 years,” and sees big gains for stocks over the next year and the next five years. Fosback, who served as head of the Institute for Econometric Research for three decades, has a “long and eminent a record”, […]

Shiller Sees Signs of Hope

Yale Economist Robert Shiller says a number of factors are keeping unemployment high, which, in turn, is keeping the economic recovery tepid. But, he seems optimistic about the U.S.’s longer-term prospects. “The question is: What have we lost?” Shiller asks in an interview with IndexUniverse. “We’ve lost some kind of mass-production industrial capability. But I’m […]

Report: Stocks Cheapest Since 1990

Stocks are cheaper than they’ve been in more than two decades, according to a new report from Bespoke Investment Group.  According to CNBC.com, Bespoke says in its 2012 outlook report that it expects stocks to rise 11%, and perhaps more, in 2012 as investors realize how attractive valuations are. “The S&P 500 is currently trading […]

Biggs Bullish, But Cautious

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says he’s bullish on stocks, “assuming that the world holds together”. Biggs says he’s still very nervous about the lack of progress regarding Europe’s debt crisis, and says the demise of the Euro would cause an economic “Apocalypse”. He adds that he’s “running a moderate net long of about 65%” […]

Paulsen: Turn to Unloved Sectors in 2012

Wells Capital’s Jim Paulsen thinks the European debt crisis will fade into a “chronic problem” rather than a crisis in 2012, which will help the economy and stocks perform better than expected. And that has him wary of “safe” stocks like consumer staples, utilities and dividend-paying large caps. “Not that they’re going to get killed, […]

The Two-Headed Guru Portfolio

What stocks would two of history’s greatest investors — Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch — buy today if they teamed up to build a portfolio? In a “Number Cruncher” column for Canada’s Globe and Mail, John Heinzl attempts to answer that question by using Validea Canada’s Buffett- and Lynch-inspired stock screeners. “Warren Buffett and Peter […]

Doll Sees Double-Digit Returns in 2012

Blackrock’s Bob Doll says there is more to the market’s strong recent performance than the “January Effect,” and says stocks are poised to gain ground in 2012 even if the economy doesn’t post strong growth. “In part, we believe the upward moves of the last two weeks can be attributed to the fact that many […]

Nygren: “Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity” for Investors

Bill Nygren, whose Oakmark fund is in the top 12% or better of its class over the past three, five, and ten years, according to Morningstar, says investors need to ignore high volatility if they want to succeed over the long haul. “I’d say they should pretty much ignore it,” Nygren writes in his fourth-quarter […]

Gloomy Rosenberg Sees Hopeful Sign for Stocks

Top analyst David Rosenberg has been very bearish on the U.S. economy, and he hasn’t changed that stance. But he is seeing a ray of hope for stocks. “My fundamental view on the U.S. stock market hasn’t changed either — we are still in a bear market, marked by tremendous volatility,” Rosenberg writes for Canada’s […]

Food Stocks for Lynch and O’Shaughnessy to Munch On

With incomes rising in several large emerging markets like China and India and food prices moderating, a number of food-related companies are looking attractive right now, says Validea CEO John Reese. “The Food Institute projects moderating pressure on food price inflation in 2012. It says the all-food Consumer Price Index (CPI) is expected to grow […]

Woodford: Europe on Verge of Recession

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford says Europe is on the verge of recession, and continues to see tough times ahead for the developed world. “The increasingly tough economic outlook is not a surprise to us and we believe the eurozone is on the verge of a renewed recession and there are downside risks to […]

Sonders: Optimistic Despite “Cacophony of Naysayers”

While many continue to worry that the European debt crisis will topple the U.S. stock market, Liz Ann Sonders — whose calls on the start and end of the Great Recession were remarkably accurate — is a good deal more upbeat. “There continues to be a cacophony of naysayers, but we have remained optimistic that […]

What Worked In 2011

Growth and momentum strategies in general ruled the day in 2011. And in a recent RealMoney column, Validea CEO John Reese looks at two growth- and momentum-oriented strategies that performed quite well, as well as a value-based approach that also beat the market by a wide margin. “Value strategies were dogs last year, while growth […]

Herro’s Reasons for Optimism

Oakmark’s David Herro says that despite a tough year for his funds (which still have very strong long-term track records), he remains “extremely confident about the medium- and long-term future.” Herro says in commentary on his firm’s web site that the biggest challenge in the market right now may be volatility, which is being driven […]

Shiller: Stimulus Worked — Now We Need More

Yale Economist Robert Shiller says the focus on austerity by governments around the world is similar to what happened late in the Great Depression — and he says such a focus is part of why the Depression lasted as long as it did. “It doesn’t bode well,” Shiller tells Morgan Housel of The Motley Fool […]