Gross: Zero-Bound Rates Will Cause Big Trouble

PIMCO bond guru Bill Gross is reiterating his belief that zero-bound interest rates will become a major problem for the economy, and markets. “Books such as ‘Stocks for the Long Run’ or articles such as ‘Dow 36,000’ captured the public’s imagination much like a Montana to Jerry Rice pass that always seemed to clinch a […]

Paulsen Still Likes Financials and Cyclicals

Wells Capital Management’s James Paulsen thinks cyclical stocks will continue to outperform the broader market for some time. Paulsen tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that cyclicals tend to outperform as long as unemployment claims are trending downward, and thinks it won’t be time to get more defensive until new claims for unemployment get down below the […]

Gross vs. Cooperman on Treasurys

Are Treasury bonds a good place to be, or quite dangerous? Two top strategists — Bill Gross and Leon Cooperman — have very different takes. Hedge fund guru Cooperman tells Bloomberg that Treasurys will be the worst place to put their money for the next three years. He says the Federal Reserve is trying to […]

Getting Contrarian With A Market Guru

Most of history’s best investors have made their hay by going against the crowd. And in his latest column for, Validea CEO John Reese takes a look at some intriguing new research that contrarian guru David Dreman has published, and a Dreman-inspired strategy that has a strong track record of beating the market. “After […]

Doll: Long-Term Looks Good For Stocks, Short-Term Questionable

Blackrock’s Bob Doll says the longer-term picture for stocks is a good one, though there may be some “corrective action” in the shorter-term. “Looking ahead, we believe the backdrop for risk assets remains a solid one,” Doll writes in his weekly commentary on Blackrock’s site. “The global economy is hardly experiencing boom conditions and remains […]

Investing Mistakes: A Result Of Your DNA?

How much of our investment success or failure is a result of our genetic makeup? An intriguing new study attempts to answer just that question, The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig notes on WSJ’s Total Return blog.  The study, performed by finance professors Henrik Cronqvist of Claremont McKenna College and Stephan Siegel of the W.P. Carey […]

Oberweis: Small-Caps Attractive Even If Economy Slows

Newsletter guru Jim Oberweis says that an improving economy and the fact that this is an election year bode well for stocks in 2012 — and that many small-caps should do well regardless of what the economy does. “In January the unemployment rate dropped to a three-year low of 8.3%. Even housing is showing a […]

Yardeni: Numbers Show “Old Normal” Reigns

Strategist Ed Yardeni says that the “New Normal” scenario that has been promulgated by Bill Gross and PIMCO is off base — and says recent economic data proves it. “While Bill Gross sees a world full of new normals and paranormals, the old normal business cycle continues to show that it is still in gear,” […]

Sonders: Recovery Becoming Self-Sustaining

Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders, whose calls on the start and end of the Great Recession proved very accurate, says she thinks the U.S. economy is entering the second phase of its recovery, with the recovery becoming self-sustaining. “I don’t want to say we’re off to the races again, because I don’t think we’re going […]

Reese: Latin America Offering Big Bargains

Validea CEO John Reese says he’s finding a number of bargains in Latin America, an area where his Guru Strategies have had great success in the past. “When it comes to major emerging-market economies, Latin America as a whole is certainly no longer the ‘banana republic,’ sorry-state region it once seemed to be,” Reese writes […]

Woodford: Deleveraging Is Coming; Focus on Dividends

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford thinks the impact of the financial crisis will be felt for many more years and that the Western world is headed for a period of deleveraging. But he’s finding attractive opportunities in pharmaceutical and high-dividend stocks. “Mr. Woodford believes [too many fund managers] are failing to understand the bigger […]