Piotroski-Style Bargains at Home, and North of the Border

In a “Number Cruncher” column for Canada’s Globe and Mail, Ian McGugan takes a look at some overlooked bargain-priced stocks using Validea.com’s Joseph Piotroski-inspired strategy.  “Piotroski, a professor at Stanford University, has discovered that applying a battery of accounting tests to a portfolio of value stocks can improve returns by eliminating ones that are financially […]

Study: Investors Aren’t Really Fleeing Stocks

One widely held belief about the stock market involves the notion that individual investors have been fleeing stocks like the plague recently. But according to a new report from Vanguard Group, that’s not the case, Jason Zweig reports on The Wall Street Journal’s Total Return blog.  Vanguard takes an annual survey of 3 million-plus Americans […]

Winters: “Things Will Get Better”

David Winters, whose fund is in the top 7% of funds in its class over the past five years, according to Morningstar, says “things will get better” in the U.S., and he’s finding several bargains in the stock market. “Selective stocks are very cheap,” Winters tells Bloomberg. He says that after a recent trip to […]

Bet Against Beta Like Buffett

According to a new study, Warren Buffett has been able to produce exceptional stock market returns over the long haul not because of value investing, but instead by focusing on “boring” stocks, MSN Money’s Michael Brush writes. The study, performed by Andrea Frazzini and Lasse H. Pedersen, found that “to do better in the market, […]

Europe Won’t Derail U.S. Market, Paulsen Says

Wells Capital Management’s James Paulsen says Europe’s woes will create volatility for the U.S. market, but won’t derail it. Paulsen tells Bloomberg that the sensitivity of financial markets to the Europe debt news is “decaying”. He says he thinks the U.S. market will be driven more by what’s happening in the emerging market world and […]

Shiller Talks Housing, Psychology

Housing guru Robert Shiller says the latest home price data is good news, and he expects prices to continue to rise through the summer months. Shiller tells FOX Business Network that he’s not sure what will happen beyond the summer, however, and that he is concerned that the worst isn’t over for housing. He talks […]

Hawkins and Romick Talk Europe, Rates, and Margins

While many investors are fleeing the continent, some top fund managers are finding value in Europe. At the 2012 Morningstar Investment Conference, Longleaf Partners’ O. Mason Hawkins said that P/E ratios in Europe seem very low, particularly when the low-interest-rate environment is factored in, according to Morningstar. FPA’s Steven Romick, meanwhile, says it seems investors […]

Doll: Stocks Generally Cheap, But Be Picky

Bob Doll says he thinks stocks are cheap right now, and that some pretty bad scenarios are already baked into their prices. Doll tells CNBC that his target for year-end for the S&P 500 remains 1,350, and that investors need to be “very picky” regarding the price they pay for their stocks in the current environment.

O’Shaughnessy Finding Value in Europe, Stresses Discipline

While the financial headlines have been dominated by day-to-day fears recently, James O’Shaughnessy says that making investment decisions based on short-term factors is a very dangerous game. “All of the available research demonstrates that reacting to short-term conditions is the worst way for a long-term investor to act,” O’Shaughnessy writes in commentary on his firm’s […]

Herro on Why He’s Not Afraid of Europe

In a wide-ranging interview with Fortune, top fund manager David Herro talks about why he’s loaded up on European financial stocks, and offers some interesting insights about his longer-term investment approach. “Eventually they’re going to get these problems solved,” Herro says of Europe. “If you look at the economic history of the world, problems come […]