Biggs, Fisher, Birinyi Still Bullish

Several top strategists are saying that investors should stick with stocks as the bull market enters its third year. Among them: hedge fund guru Barton Biggs. “I don’t think valuations are stretched,” Biggs told Canada’s Financial Post. “The next move in the S&P 500 is more likely to be up than down, and that move could be 10% to 15%.” Laszlo Birinyi also remains bullish, saying that investors who have missed the first big wave of the bull will try to jump into the market to catch up. “These kinds of strong beginnings lead to long and durable bull markets,” […]

Biggs Looks to Big, High-Quality Multi-Nationals

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says recent economic data is very encouraging, and says he expects the market to continue climbing a Wall of Worry. Biggs tells Bloomberg that he thinks smaller stocks, which have had a lengthy run of outperformance, aren’t the place to be. “I would definitely be betting against them, and betting for the big caps — the big-cap, high-quality stocks,” he says. Biggs also says the upheaval in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries hasn’t caused him to sell. One area that does have him concerned, however: the U.S. housing market. [youtube=]

Winters, Biggs on Where the Market Is Headed

Two top money managers, David Winters and Barton Biggs, are sounding bullish on U.S. stocks. Winters, whose mutual funds have excellent long-term track records, told Bloomberg that benchmark indexes may reach record highs as the government helps stimulate economic growth. “Winters, who favors stocks in emerging economies in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea, said many U.S. companies still look attractive,” Bloomberg reports. “American equities will do ‘OK’ this year, he said.” Biggs, meanwhile, told Bloomberg Radio that “the next move in the U.S. stock market is going to be up. … How much up? I don’t know. […]

Biggs: Economy Improving, Big Market Gains Could Be Coming

While many are fearful about the repercussions of the Irish debt crisis, hedge fund manager Barton Biggs says both the U.S. and global economies are improving. Biggs tells Bloomberg that he has about half his portfolio in emerging markets, mostly in Asia, and half in U.S. stocks. He also says that, “all things being equal”, he thinks the next move for stocks may well be a big one to the upside.    

Biggs: Bernanke Is Right

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did what he had to do in employing the latest round of quantitative easing. Biggs tells Bloomberg that Bernanke is trying to get the U.S. out of the “normal deflationary death spiral that would follow a big financial panic”. But Biggs also says that while QE2 is the right move in the short term, it could result in big problems down the road. [youtube=]