Podcasts of the Week: Tisch, Rothman & Brown

By Jack M. Forehand —  With so many great investing podcasts out there, it can be difficult to identify the best ones. Through our new Podcasts of the Week segment, I will try to help filter out the most interesting episodes and identify the podcasts I learned the most from each week. In addition, we will also take a look at a great podcast from the past via our From the Archives section. Best Episodes This Week David Tisch – Invest Like the Best – 9/19/2017 As an investment advisor, I get lots of exposure to public companies and methods […]

Podcasts of the Week: Dalio, Bass, Gardner & Egan

By Jack M. Forehand — As I discussed in my Best Investing Podcasts article last week, podcasts have become a great source of investing knowledge for me. The format allows for conversations with much more depth than traditional mediums like TV and radio and I tend to learn at least one thing I didn’t know before from each episode. Given that there are many podcasts, and most people lack the time to listen to all of them, I will be featuring my favorite episodes each week here, in addition to some of my favorite episodes from the past via the […]

The Best Investing Podcasts

By Jack M. Forehand — I have to admit, I am not an avid book reader. That statement alone may doom me to a life of below average returns since almost all historically successful investors read an enormous amount (Warren Buffett advocates reading 500 pages a day). I do read occasional books, including the books of the gurus we emulate and also read many white papers, blog posts, investing articles etc., but I certainly don’t read as many books as the investors I look up to. For me, it’s easier to process information when it is presented in audio or […]