Berkowitz Still Likes Those Unloved Financials

Bruce Berkowitz’s Fairholme fund got some bad news recently after a court ruling hit Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac hard. But over the long term, Berkowitz’s track record is impeccable, and in a recent interview with WealthTrack, he talked about the process that led him to go big into financial stocks amid the 2008-2009 financial […]

Berkowitz Expects AIG, BOA To Quadruple in 5-7 Years

Top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz says he believes financials like AIG and Bank of America remain the best value opportunities in the market right now, even though they jumped sharply in 2012. Berkowitz tells Bloomberg that he would buy more of BOA if he could, but mutual fund regulations prevent him from doing so. He […]

Berkowitz’s Top Stocks

In a recent Fortune article, top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz discusses his fund’s struggles in 2011 and its bounce-back in 2012, as well as some of his favorite stocks in the market right now. “I think it’s fair,” Berkowitz said of criticism he received when his fund, which had been extremely successful over the long […]

Berkowitz Still Going Against The Crowd On Financials

Top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz remains high on beaten-down financial stocks, saying that many have improving business trends and balance sheets and extremely cheap shares. Berkowitz tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that he started buying “systemically important companies” at huge bargains after the government recapitalized them, and after busines trends were recovering. Many were priced below liquidation […]

Berkowitz’s Checklist and Lessons

After struggling in 2011, Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade Bruce Berkowitz is rebounding strong in 2012, with his Fairholme fund in the top 1% of funds in its category year-to-date, according to And at a recent Columbia Investment Management Association conference, Berkowitz laid out his checklist for analyzing a company and its stock, […]

Berkowitz Undeterred

Bruce Berkowitz, who was one of Morningstar’s Fund Managers of the Decade in the 2000s but saw his flagship portfolio hit very hard in 2011, is sticking to his guns. “Improving book value levels and ratios show companies recovering from tough times, prepared for uncertainty, and capable of profits without excess leverage,” Berkowitz writes in […]

Berkowitz on Ignoring the Crowd

In a wide-ranging three-part interview with Morningstar’s Don Phillips, top value investor Bruce Berkowitz discusses several aspects of his investment approach, including the willingness to go against the crowd and the decision to run a focused portfolio smaller than those of many other mutual funds. “At the end of the day, investing is about one […]

Berkowitz Still Confident in Financials

Bruce Berkowitz remains high on financial stocks, and says his conviction about his financial holdings has only grown stronger. “I’ve been able to see their earnings for the past few quarters, the trends are getting better, the balance sheets are building, tangible book value is growing,” Berkowitz tells Bloomberg from the Morningstar Investment Conference. “The […]

Berkowitz Talks Financials, Europe, and His Mistakes

In a lengthy joint interview with Advisor Perspectives and, Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade Bruce Berkowitz offers his take on the market and several of his main holdings. Berkowitz, who went heavy into financial stocks after the financial crisis, says he remains confident in his financial holdings. “Loans created and underwritten since 2009, […]

Berkowitz on Why He Still Likes Financials

Morningstar domestic stock fund manager of the year Bruce Berkowitz is standing by his big bet on beaten-down financials, and recently explained why on Consuelo Mack’s WealthTrack. Berkowitz says that, having been incredibly scrutinized in recent years, financials now have strong balance sheets and excellent earnings power — and are trading at extremely cheap valuations. […]

Berkowitz, Renaissance Targeted BP

Top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz has been buying up beaten-down financials for several months now. In the second quarter, he also keyed on a beaten-up energy company — much-maligned BP. While the oil giant has taken a big hit both financially and reputation-wise following its Gulf of Mexico well explosion, Berkowitz apparently sees value in […]

Berkowitz Keeps Buying Financials

Add another big-name financial to the portfolio of top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz: Morgan Stanley. Berkowitz has built up a stake of close to 2% in Morgan Stanley, whose shares he started buying last quarter, he tells Dow Jones Newswires. The shares, which represent somewhere between 4% and 5% of his Fairholme Fund’s portfolio, are […]

Berkowitz Loaded Up on Financials

After disclosing that his Fairholme fund opened or increased its stakes in two much-maligned insurers — AIG and MBIA — Bruce Berkowitz now has well over half of his portfolio in financial or insurance companies. According to Alex Garcia of, Berkowitz, who was recently named one of Morningstar’s fund managers of the decade, now […]

Berkowitz Still Sees Value in Financials

Bruce Berkowitz, whose Fairholme fund has returned close to 13% per year over the past decade while the S&P 500 has been in the red, says he’s still finding a good deal of value in one of the market’s unloved areas — financial stocks. “Investors have lost much of their wealth from financial institutions over […]

Berkowitz, Grantham, Other Gurus Offer Top Picks

Fortune magazine is running a special issue this month on how to “Retire Rich”, and one particularly interesting piece involves 25 stock picks from 25 investors with strong track records, including Bruce Berkowitz, Jeremy Grantham, and David Herro. Here’s a sampling of some of these gurus’ top picks: Chuck Akre: Akre, who now runs his […]

Berkowitz Targets Financials

In an interview with Barron’s, top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz says that he’s high on some of the firms most beaten down by the financial crisis — including Citigroup and AIG — and that we’re reaching a point where finding “really great investments” is going to become more difficult. “There were some obvious and wonderful […]

Berkowitz High on Citi, AIG

Top fund manager Bruce Berkowitz is once again showing his go-against-the-crowd streak, recently snatching up shares of two of the financial crisis’ biggest whipping boys, Citigroup and AIG. In an interview with Fortune, Berkowitz says that Citigroup’s balance sheet is slowly improving, its capital ratios are higher than they’ve been in years, and its shares […]

Berkowitz on Ignoring the Crowd

Bruce Berkowitz, whose Fairholme fund has produced exceptional long-term returns, says the reason it has fared so well is a willingness to go against the crowd. Berkowitz also tells Bloomberg that he focuses on the amount of cash companies are producing, an approach that led him to shy away from financial stocks during the sector’s […]

Berkowitz: We’re in “Spring” of Recovery

The Fairholme Fund’s Bruce Berkowitz, who was recently named Morningstar’s domestic fund manager of the year, says that we are still in the early stages of the economic recovery. “I’m optimistic about the economy — we are in the spring of a recovery,” Berkowitz tells CNBC. “There may still be frost here and there, but […]