Achuthan, ECRI Not Budging

Lakshman Achuthan, whose Economic Cycle Research Institute has a strong track record of calling economic expansions and recessions, has faced a lot of criticism for ECRI’s contention that the U.S. is in a recession that started in mid-2012. But he and the group are not wavering. “We’re not budging from our call,” Achuthan told Business […]

ECRI Says U.S. In Recession

Lakshman Achuthan of the Economic Cycle Research Institute says the U.S. economy is in recession. Achuthan, who had been forecasting a recession by mid-2012 for the past several months, tells Bloomberg that industrial production, manufacturing and trade sales, and personal income growth data is all indicating that a recession has begun. Achuthan says that a […]

ECRI Chief: We’re Tipping into Recession

The Economic Cycle Research Institute’s Lakshman Achuthan, whose group has a strong track record of forecasting economic cycles, continues to think we’ve been “tipping into a recession” since September. Achuthan tells CNBC that ECRI sees a “contagion among the forward-looking indicators” that the group looks at to forecast economic movements, though he declined to discuss […]

Achuthan, ECRI See Slowdown, But No New Recession

Economic Cycle Research Institute Managing Director Lakshman Achuthan, whose group has an impressive track record of forecasting economic trends, says global industrial growth is headed for a slowdown. But he doesn’t think another recession is coming. “There’s a downturn in global industrial growth in clear sight,” Achuthan says, according to Investor’s Business Daily. “Commodity price […]