The “Art of Successful Investing” with Zulauf, Black, Herro & Priest (Part I)

Last month, Barron’s published stock picks of eight leading investors who participated in its AOSI conference.  Below are several of the longer-term trends identified by these industry leaders. Felix Zulauf, president of the hedge fund Zulauf Asset Management, sees a bear market. “We are in a recovery rally in the early stages of a cyclical bear market,” he says. After possible upward bumps for the remainder of 2015, he continues, “I see a bear market around the world, including the U.S. . . . The S&P could decline to 1600.” He explains. “we are in a deflationary cycle,” while attributing much […]

Felix Zulauf See More Declines Ahead

Felix Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management and co-chief investment officer and partner at Vicenda Asset Management, says problems in China will continue to put pressure on the markets and he predicts most global markets will trade below their most recent lows. Zulauf thinks the S&P 500 will likely fall to 1800 and recommends that investors stick with stocks that are not economically sensitive and that have solid balance sheets. He also recommends staying away from emerging markets. Zulauf’s negative market outlook is mostly driven by his view on China, which he says has a “balance-of-payments problem”. According to Zulauf,  […]

Barron’s Roundtable: Gabelli, Zulauf Weigh In

Barron’s has tapped a number of top strategists for its annual start-of-the-year “Roundtable” feature, with gurus such as Bill Gross, Mario Gabelli, and Abby Joseph Cohen offering their takes on where the market and economy are headed in 2010. And, overall, the outlook is positive. “Our crowd thinks the market could gain another 5% to 20% in 2010, fueled by profit growth and continued government spending,” writes Barron’s Lauren R. Rublin, “although the ride will be bumpy, particularly in the second half of the year.” In the first part of a three-part series that will detail what the Roundtable participants […]

Barron’s 2009 Roundtable Summary: Experts See Uncertain Times Ahead

This is the first of three Barron’s Roundtable articles featuring some of the best and brightest in the investment industry. In general, these experts see more uncertainty in 2009, but think there are ample opportunities for good stock-picking strategies. Writes Barron’s Lauren R. Rublen, “The [roundtable] was rife with history lessons and warnings — and optimism, too, that those who find bargains amid the rubble will reap rich rewards. Or, as [panelist] Meryl Witmer nicely put it, ‘It is an exciting time to be a stockpicker.’” By clicking on the image below, you can see our summary of the Roundtable […]