Guru Feedback from Barron’s Mid-Year Roundtable

Most participants in this year’s Barron’s Roundtable think “the markets will soon get more interesting, and not in a pleasant way,” according to the publication’s recent summary, which includes excerpts from comments by market heavy-hitters such as Jeffrey Gundlach and Mario Gabelli. “After all,” the article says, “U.S. stocks are expensive, the economy is dullsville, […]

Gundlach Says Go Long Emerging Markets

Despite conventional wisdom that says rising U.S. rates will strengthen the dollar, Doubleline Capital chief investment officer Jeffrey Gundlach recommends going short on the S&P 500 and long on emerging market stocks, according to a recent Bloomberg article. At the Sohn Investment Conference earlier this month, Gundlach quipped, “What the heck, let’s have some fun.” In […]

Gundlach Predicts Continued Bond Rally

Doubleline’s chief executive officer doesn’t envision the yield on the 10-year to surpass 3% this year, says an article in yesterday’s Bloomberg. Jeffrey Gundlach believes a bond rally is likely to continue, with yields dropping to “below 2 ¼ at a minimum on the 10-year, maybe  a little bit lower than 2 and then it […]

Gundlach and Others Offer Market Perspective

The upcoming presidential election is causing uneasiness, not just at the water cooler or the dinner table but also in the markets. Matt Schifrin, a managing editor of investing at Forbes, canvassed several of what he considers the “smartest market thinkers” for perspective and investment advice amidst the uncertainty. Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO, DoubleLine Capital says, […]

Hedge Fund Heavy Hitters Offer Range of Outlooks & Predictions

As the hedge fund industry continues to struggle to justify high fees and awful returns, some of this year’s speakers at the Sohn Investment Conference addressed how the largest funds are bracing for what’s ahead. The conference, an event held annually in New York and touted as “the premier investment event”, brings together Wall Street’s […]

Getting Harder to Make Money, Gundlach Says

  “It’s getting harder and harder to make money,” says Jeffrey Gundlach, founder of Doubleline Capital. “There are plenty of markets that are falling apart and freaking out,” he observes. He describes U.S. stocks as “whistling through the graveyard,” says the bond market is in trouble, and notes that emerging markets and commodities are particularly […]

The “Art of Successful Investing” with Schafer, Gundlach, Ketterer (Part II)

 In the second part of our highlight of Barron’s “Art of Successful Investing” conference, we find a number of interesting investment themes, predictions and new ideas from top investing experts. Oscar Schafer, manager of the hedge fund O.S.S. Capital Management (which he has since announced will close), noted “we run a concentrated portfolio, with just […]