The “Wizard of Wharton” Looks Ahead

In a recent interview with ThinkAdvisor, finance professor (and senior investment strategy advisor to Wisdom Tree Investments)  Jeremy Siegel shares his view on a host of issues affecting current market conditions: Presidential election: The stock market would be “a little more comfortable with a Clinton victory, but they don’t love her at all.” With regard […]

Siegel Says Stocks Will Higher

“If we get a good second half of the year earnings-wise, then I think the market could be up 10 to 15 percent” predicts well-known Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel in a recent interview on CNBC’s “Trading Nation.” According to CNBC’s account of the interview, Siegel says investor perceptions that the market is over-valued is […]

Are Stocks Cheap or Expensive?

Yale’s Robert Shiller and Penn finance professor Jeremy Siegel have long dueled over whether stocks are cheap or expensive, and Daniel Fisher, of Forbes, reviews the arguments in his recent post. Shiller devised CAPE by measuring the inflation-adjusted earnings per share for the S&P over the trailing 10 years, instead of just the most recent […]

High Dividend Stocks Are Looking Good says Siegel

As interest rates stay low, the appeal of high-dividend stocks has been on the rise and will probably only increase (as investors anticipate a dip in what is now an overvalued market). In a recent interview on CNBC’s “Trading Nation”, Jeremy Siegel (finance professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School) asserted that low rates […]

Jeremy Siegel’s Critique of the Shiller P/E Ratio and His Market Outlook

Financial Advisor reports on Wharton School of Finance Professor Jeremey Siegel’s comments at the annual Inside ETFs conference, where he critiqued the widely used Shiller P/E Ratio. Siegel did not necessarily attack the original logic of the Shiller P/E (which won its creator, Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize). Instead, he noted that changes to the definition […]

Jeremey Siegel’s Market View for 2016

Jeremy Siegel, a finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and senior investment advisor with Wisdom Tree Funds, offers his 2016 forecast in an interview appearing in Advisor Perspectives. Commenting on the current situation, he noted: “I have never seen a shortfall of earnings relative to estimates as sharp as we […]

Siegel: No Bubble Trouble

Stock market talk has been filled with references to “bubbles” over the past couple years. But Wharton Professor and author Jeremy Siegel says those seeing a bubble in the current market need to get their eyes checked.

Siegel: Rates Won't Rise As Much As Feared

Over the past five years, stock returns have been well above their long term average. But over the last ten years, they remain below the average. So what does Wharton professor and Stocks For The Long Run author Jeremy Siegel think is in store going forward? More gains, though the seas could be choppy.

Siegel: Stocks 10% to 15% Below Fair Value

While stocks have stumbled out of the gate in 2014, Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel doesn’t think the declines are a sign that the bull market is ending. “While I still think there’s a push in the markets, I still don’t think the public is back,” Siegel told CNBC. “I mean they’re tiptoeing in, but when you […]

9% Returns Ahead for Stocks?

In March 2009, Barron’s began a series of articles on long term stock performance, with one of the main conclusions being that when stocks have below average returns over a 5- or 10-year period, they tend to then bounce back with strong performance over the next 5 to 10 years. The past four years-plus have […]

Siegel: S&P Fair Value around 2,000

Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel says stocks remain attractively valued, particularly given interest rate levels. “We are still at extremely normal, average valuations and, in fact, low valuations, given the interest-rate environment and even the anticipated rise in interest rates,” Siegel said at a CFA Institute Conference, MarketWatch reports. He said that historically, when […]

Siegel: Stocks Still Look Good

Author and Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel says it is still a “very favorable climate” for equities. Siegel tells CNBC that a lack of major economic uncertainties should continue to push the market higher through the end of the year. He sees the Dow Jones Industrial Average ending 2013 between 16,000 and 17,000. He also sees GDP […]

Shiller Talks Valuations, Counters Siegel

Yale Economist Robert Shiller says the market looks overpriced, but not so much so that you should avoid stocks. “I’m not really saying don’t invest in stocks,” Shiller tells CNBC’s Futures Now. “[But] don’t expect miracles. He says the market’s valuation looks “high by historical standards, but it’s not super-high. I’d say it’s suggesting — […]

What Keeps Siegel Up At Night

In a column for Kiplinger’s, the bullish Jeremy Siegel talks about what he sees as threats to his upbeat outlook. Siegel cites a couple risks whose impacts would go far beyond the market: terrorism and pandemics. But another of his concerns is more economic. “One risk I did not note earlier was the country’s poor […]

Siegel Sees Win-Win for Stocks

Author and Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel has taken a lot of heat for his bullish predictions over the past couple years. But he’s largely been on the money — and now he says the bull has more room to run.  Siegel tells CNBC that he thinks the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be in the […]

Siegel: Taper Already Baked Into Stocks

Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel thinks the Federal Reserve will begin tapering its bond-buying program in September, and he thinks the move is already baked into stock prices. Siegel tells Bloomberg that unless the tapering accelerates quicker than expected, the bull market should continue. He stressed that the start of tapering doesn’t mean a […]

Siegel on Dow 16,000, Bond Bubble

Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel thinks the Dow Jones Industrial Average will pass the 16,000 mark by the end of the year, on the back of earnings growth and multiple expansion. Siegel tells Bloomberg he thinks investors will start becoming impatient with ultra-low bond yields and near-zero money market interest rates, pushing them to […]

Siegel: The Bull Has Legs

Wharton Professor and author Jeremy Siegel says he thinks the “great rotation” from bonds to stocks is “in its very infancy”. Siegel tells FOX Business Network that he thinks investors are getting fed up with earning so little on other investments, and will continue to return to stocks. He thinks that the Dow Jones Industrial […]