Jeremey Siegel’s Market View for 2016

Jeremy Siegel, a finance professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and senior investment advisor with Wisdom Tree Funds, offers his 2016 forecast in an interview appearing in Advisor Perspectives. Commenting on the current situation, he noted: “I have never seen a shortfall of earnings relative to estimates as sharp as we had this year. We had a total collapse in earnings.” Pointing to the energy sector he said: “no one thought oil would go down so far,” observing that “the S&P is not just a U.S. Index” because of “40% to 45% of its profits earned […]

Siegel: No Bubble Trouble

Stock market talk has been filled with references to “bubbles” over the past couple years. But Wharton Professor and author Jeremy Siegel says those seeing a bubble in the current market need to get their eyes checked.