Oberweis: Don’t Ditch Buy-and-Hold

While buy-and-hold investing continues to draw criticism from some pundits, money manager and newsletter guru Jim Oberweis begs to differ. In a recent interview with The Motley Fool, Oberweis says that buy-and-hold is alive and well, because timing the market remains an incredibly difficult task. “Show me some quantitative evidence that someone’s right, and then I’m interested,” Oberweis said in response to the buy-and-hold bashers. “I’m a numbers guy. I don’t know anyone who has been able to time short-term fluctuations in the market over long periods of time and make a lot of money doing so. That’s why I […]

Oberweis on the Bullish Turn, Small Caps and … Han Solo?

Newsletter guru and money manager Jim Oberweis writes for Forbes.com that, although the economy will continue to struggle, he’s bullish — and that profitable growth stocks will be “ideally positioned” as first-quarter earnings roll in. “All told, we are still bullish on stocks, mostly because valuations remain significantly below historical averages, and we expect things to slowly get better,” Oberweis writes. “Even after the recent run, P/Es are very digestible.”