Robo-Investing is Gearing Up

As money managers allocate more resources to quantitative model-building, they are also amping up robo-advising services for clients seeking low cost investment alternatives, writes Validea CEO John Reese in this week’s Forbes. Since many of these strategies are outperforming actively managed funds, writes Reese, they are increasingly attractive to investors. He cites the example of […]

Index over Active Management Still Requires Discipline

The inevitable periods of underperformance often suffered by active managers—coupled with their relatively high fees—make index investing a more attractive option for many investors. This according to a recent Globe and Mail article by Validea CEO John Reese. Reese writes, “By Mr. Buffett’s reckoning, investors have lost out on $100 billion in fees and underperformance […]

James O’Shaughnessy: Knee-Jerk Investing Doesn’t Work

A quantitative investing guru who uses concrete metrics to analyze stocks, James O’Shaughnessy believes that investors get in the way of their own success by reacting emotionally, writes Validea CEO John Reese in this week’s Forbes. The article outlines O’Shaughnessy’s investment philosophy that, to outperform the market, an investor must choose a strategy and “stick […]

Value Stock Picks in an Elevated Market

Although today’s market is a bit pricey, it still offers some values if you shop around and properly evaluate a company’s operations and financials. This according to Validea CEO in a recent article for TheStreet. The article underscores the investment mantra of Warren Buffett–“It is far better to buy a wonderful business at a fair […]

Cautious Dividend Investing a Must

Given the historically low interest rate and return environment, investors hungry for yield have been gravitating toward dividend stocks, but the valuation advantage of this asset class has diminished. This according to an article in this week’s Forbes by Validea CEO John Reese. “Since yield no longer provides a reliable valuation tool” writes Reese, “investors […]

Buffett Can Bend His Own Rules

When Berkshire Hathaway buys pricey stocks of companies that pay hefty dividends and repurchase shares, it may appear to go against his mantra of “never lose money,” since a short-term price dip is more likely. This according to Validea CEO John Reese in last week’s In the article, Reese discusses Berkshire’s seemingly unlikely stakes […]

Five Picks for the Common-Sense Investor

How should an investor address the ever-present question as to whether an exciting, media-saturated stock is actually a sound opportunity? In anticipation of Snapchat Inc.’s IPO, Validea CEO John Reese addresses the quandary in his article for Nasdaq this week. Citing new research by Charles Lee and Ken Li of Stanford University, Reese explains the […]

Finding the Cream of the Dow

The milestone of the Dow hitting 20,000 in late January should be taken with a grain of salt, writes Validea CEO John Reese in this week’s Nasdaq. He argues that, given the Dow’s history, the event isn’t really that significant. Starting at its inception in 1896, it took the Dow over a decade to reach […]

Buffett’s Breakfast Benchmark

Having a disciplined, yet somewhat flexible, spending strategy is one insight investors can glean from Warren Buffett’s daily breakfast routine, writes Validea CEO John Reese in a recent issue of The Globe and Mail. Buffett’s plan, he learned from the HBO documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett”, includes choosing from a short list of breakfast options depending […]