Guru Feedback from Barron’s Mid-Year Roundtable

Most participants in this year’s Barron’s Roundtable think “the markets will soon get more interesting, and not in a pleasant way,” according to the publication’s recent summary, which includes excerpts from comments by market heavy-hitters such as Jeffrey Gundlach and Mario Gabelli. “After all,” the article says, “U.S. stocks are expensive, the economy is dullsville, and interest rates are about to rise.” Noting that the market’s gains have been unevenly distributed since the last Roundtable (held January 9th of this year), the article quotes Delphi Management founder Scott Black who says small- and mid-cap value stocks have been “left in […]

Veteran Fund Managers Part II

In yesterday’s blog post, we shared some insights from tenured money managers regarding the patience necessary for investment success. An article in last weeks’ InvestmentNews offered more feedback from this group of sage investors, which included; Ariel Fund’s John Rogers, Robert Bacarella of the Monetta fund, Mario Gabelli of Gabelli Asset Management Company and John Carey of the Pioneer fund. When asked how they’ve managed to stay in the competitive world of fund management, here are their responses: Gabelli: “We’re obsessed with studying our companies, reading annual reports.” He added, “We have knowledge that we’ve accumulated over an extended period […]

Gabelli (Like Ben Graham) Stresses Investing not Speculating

Speaking recently with CNBC, Mario Gabelli, chairman and CEO of Gabelli Asset Management, offered thoughts on a number of investing topics. Gabelli considers himself an investor, not a speculator. Gabelli views investing like owning a piece of the underlying business, and looks for firms with solid, hardworking management that allocates capital with a goal of generating returns on that capital. Mr. Market, he says, will often times give you the opportunity to buy these companies at discounted prices. The information flow in today’s market moves rapidly, which he believes amplifies short term market movements. He also says that to be […]

Current Downturn is a Good Time to Pick Stocks, Says Mario Gabelli

Mario Gabelli of GAMCO told CNBC that he thinks the downturn “is good. This is what markets are supposed to do. Psychology and human behavior is supposed to give you the blow up.” He noted that we knew the fourth quarter of 2015 would “be reporting some real negative impacts from the convergence of “the four Cs: currency, China, commodities, and current earnings.” However, he said, “As I look to the fourth quarter of 2016, I see really bright spots.” He suggested that buying “individual companies that have certain characteristics” now is an opportunity: “you get a good price on […]

Gabelli Talks Financial Sector

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says the way to make money in the financial sector is by investing in smaller, local banks. Gabelli tells FOX Business Network that he sees a round of consolidation coming for the sector, from which small, local bank shares will benefit. He’s less enthusiastic about money center banks, he says. Gabelli also talks about his bottom-up investing approach, fourth-quarter earnings, and why he’s excited about potential spin-offs.

Gabelli on Cars, QE, and Bourbon

Value investing guru Mario Gabelli is finding value in some intriguing areas of the market, including the auto and health and wellness industries. Gabelli tells Fox Business Network how he tries to balance long-term and short-term factors. “We try to look out over the next 10 years, what sectors will work,” he says. “For example the rising middle class in India and China and what does that mean for companies like Boeing and what does it mean for global consumption and the economy. We also try to think out in the United States, health and wellness, how do we eat […]

Gabelli Talks Buffett, Value

Top value strategist Mario Gabelli says that if he were Warren Buffett, he would be looking to purchase companies with some very specific characteristics. Gabelli tells Bloomberg that he’d target companies with “cash flow, sustainability, and a U.S. base that have global earnings power and that can index with inflation”. What might such a company look like? “If you bought Heinz, you could buy a cereal manufacturer,” he speculated. Gabelli also talks about Berkshire’s portfolio construction, and some of its core holdings.

Gabelli: “Extraordinarily Exciting Year” for Stock-Pickers

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says he is finding “great ideas” in the stock market right now. “This is going to be an extraordinarily exciting year to find stocks and we are enthusiastic all the time because when we look … we continue to find great ideas,” Gabelli tells FOX Business Network. “Financial engineering is alive and well — Heinz, Dell, these are things that stimulate the appetites.” Gabelli says that while Europe’s troubles are a concern, other bullish factors are superceding them. “The recovery in Europe is fragile. There clearly will be some potholes for the market. Within the […]

Gabelli Talks Stocks, Election, Economy

Top value investor Mario Gabelli is finding value in the market, but he’s concerned about the “three Fs”: food, fuel, and the fiscal cliff. In a Bloomberg interview, Gabelli talks about broader strategy and some individual companies he’s high on. He also says that one bright spot right now is that whoever wins the Presidential election, it appears corporate tax rates will decline.

Gabelli Talks Stocks, Economy

Top value investor Mario Gabelli says he doesn’t think the stock market will do much between now and year-end. Gabelli tells Bloomberg that the U.S. needs to address its budget issues to put itself back on the path to prosperity, but says he’s more concerned with looking at individual companies that are good investments. He also talks about some companies that he thinks are good takeover targets.

Gabelli Talks Europe, and the U.S.’s “Fiscal Cliff”

Value investing guru Mario Gabelli says a number of factors are pushing and pulling on stocks right now, and recently discussed some of those issues with Bloomberg. Gabelli says about 20% of S&P 500 companies’ earnings come from Europe, and that first quarter results and second quarter estimates for those European earnings are likely to be “bleak”. He also says the end of the Federal Reserve’s “Operation Twist”, and the “fiscal cliff” facing the U.S. in 2013, are going to weigh on investors in the coming two or three months. On the other side, he notes that bond yields are […]

Gabelli: Opportunities in Spinoffs

Value investing guru Mario Gabelli says companies that spin off parts of their businesses are a prime area to look for good investments. Gabelli tells CNBC that he likes investing in companies that have a history of splitting off successful businesses, or which could split off businesses. Then he invests in both firms. “How do you take a company and take its capital and move it to its highest rate of return? Split-ups are an example of that,” he says. “We look at finding the company that was spun off and say, is this attractive?” Gabelli offers examples of some […]