Politics Shouldn’t Impact Investing Decisions

“In a period of otherwise extended market calm, ” says a New York Times article published in May, “geopolitics have been driving periodic bouts of volatility.” Citing such events as President Trump’s attempt to shut down the F.B.I. investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the article says, “Even small investors have been making bets on the impact politics can have on stocks and other asset classes.” But this isn’t a wise move, according to InvesTech Research president James B. Stack who says, “Investors should tune out political events.” He argues, “geopolitical events may be widely feared…but seldom do […]

Time to Separate the Market from Politics

The widespread assumption that the strength in both equities and bond yields is a result of Trump’s election may be misleading, writes Zach Karabell in last week’s Barron’s. Envestnet’s head of Global Strategies argues that equity strength could have come from strong fundamentals “that are now more in focus” with the election behind us, and that “some rise in bond yields and a tapering of the bond bull market has been long overdue.” With the potential effects of Trump’s initiatives removed from the equation, Karabell says it’s possible to “make a solid case for why stocks are doing well.” He […]