Since 2003, our guru strategies have outperformed the market by as much as 420.1%

Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 546.8%
Peter Lynch 377.0%
Kenneth Fisher 376.8%
Benjamin Graham 364.2%
Martin Zweig 360.3%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 212.8%
Joseph Piotroski 152.9%
Warren Buffett 146.3%
John Neff 123.3%
Joel Greenblatt 119.0%
David Dreman 94.7%

We wrote the book on beating the market

Validea researched history's top stock pickers and developed computer models that mimic the approaches these gurus used to beat the market over lengthy periods of time. Subscribing to Validea is like having these experts as your personal financial advisor.

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Twelve different model portfolios, each of which chooses stocks using one of our individual Guru Strategies. Two consensus-based portfolios that buy and sell stocks based on a blend of our individual Guru Strategies.

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Screen for stocks that pass the strategies of investment legends such as Joel Greenblatt, James O'Shaughnessy and Martin Zweig.

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Our bi-weekly newsletter provides an in-depth look at our flagship Hot List portfolio, which has substantially outperformed the S&P 500 since its July 2003 inception.

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Daily updates on which stocks have been upgraded or downgraded by our guru-inspired models. When a stock's fundamentals falter, you'll know right away.

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