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Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 567.2%
Benjamin Graham 501.6%
Martin Zweig 463.5%
Peter Lynch 458.5%
Kenneth Fisher 441.8%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 305.9%
Warren Buffett 221.5%
Joseph Piotroski 193.2%
John Neff 162.3%
David Dreman 128.8%
Joel Greenblatt 124.6%

Recent Articles by Validea Founder John Reese


John Reese NASDAQ Articles

A Momentum Model with Fundamentals Behind It

The stock market's sustained bull run is a reminder that momentum as an investing strategy can work well. While it may resemble performance chasing, buying stocks that have been performing well based on the assumption that they will continue to do so is more akin to banking on the emotional and irrational reactions of performance chasers by systematically identifying and buying shares that are on the rise. Momentum investors, while gravitating toward well-performing stocks, are doing so in; (1) a rule-based manner with entry and exit plans in place, and (2) with a view toward the short- and intermediate- term, rather than the long-term view of value investors.


John Reese Forbes Articles

Investment Ideas For Rebalancing Value And Growth Portfolios

There are hundreds of articles, blogs and videos sprawled across the Internet full of advice for the new year and checklists regarding what you should do with respect to your investments. So, let's part with tradition and focus on something that you should not do: Make investment decisions based on emotion. Investors can become swayed by media hype about a stock and coaxed into buying or, conversely, become panicked by bad press and sell a stock prematurely.


John Reese NASDAQ Articles

Home Improvement Picks that Could Perk Up a Portfolio

Whether or not you believe the new tax legislation is going to put more money in your pocket, economic indicators are pointing to continued growth in 2018. Most asset classes performed well in 2017, with many delivering double-digit returns, and the retail sector was no exception. Within this sector, the home improvement industry may be poised for a good year ahead, and investors might want to take a look at some opportunities there. In November, U.S. retail sales growth of 0.8 outpaced expectations (the consensus was for 0.3 percent growth). Home improvement is anticipating an uptick in growth over the coming year, according to the North American Retail Hardware Association's 2017 Market Measure report: "After all, this year has seen strong performance in the housing sector, lower unemployment, an energized stock market, a relaxation of lending restrictions and a consumer base with no shortage of home improvement ideas."

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Validea Hot List

Lessons From 2017

Despite lots of talk about the bull market nearing its end and signals pointing to a correction in the near-term, stocks were up strongly in 2017 and have continued those gains this year. But just because things have gone smoothly for the market, that doesn't mean there aren't lessons to be learned. In this week's newsletter, we take a look at some of them.


Validea Hot List

2017 Year in Review

With 2017 coming to a close, it is time to look at what worked for the year, and what didn't. Overall the year was dominated by large-cap technology names, with growth strategies dominating value and large-caps beating small-caps. But those trends don't tell the whole story. Check out our latest issue to see how our guru models performed for the year.


Validea Hot List

Pick a Star or Develop a Process

It's difficult to draw a direct relationship between skill and outcome, especially in investing. Even the best managers will underperform for a period of time during their careers, usually coinciding with buoyant markets, such as we see today. Winners are measured in decades, not months.

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