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Our Factor-Based Models Have Substantially Outperformed the Market Since 2003

Guru Based on Annual
Partha Mohanram 15.7%
Dashan Huang 20.7%
James O'Shaughnessy 18.5%
Motley Fool 12.9%
Validea 11.7%
Wayne Thorp 17.2%
Pim van Vliet 17.0%
Patrick O'Shaughnessy 16.3%
Benjamin Graham 10.8%
Peter Lynch 10.8%
Martin Zweig 10.7%
Kenneth Fisher 10.4%
Validea 15.7%
John Neff 9.6%
Wesley Gray 9.4%
Meb Faber 15.4%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 9.0%
Warren Buffett 8.6%
Joseph Piotroski 6.1%
David Dreman 5.7%
Joel Greenblatt 5.0%
Tobias Carlisle 10.6%

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Here is What Our Users are Saying About Validea
Validea is an incredible valuable tool to have. I depend on it for much of my research to help weed out stocks for my portfolio designs. The filters used for stock selection are easy to use and comes with a detailed analysis as to the why each particular stock either passes or fails the test. The articles & blogs are a great wealth of knowledge too.

Eric J.
Financial Advisor
As a retail investor, I particularly value Validea’s top-notch research capability. With the deluge of investment commentary available via innumerable blogs, articles, FinTwits, white papers, podcasts, etc., the Validea team is one of my go-to sources to maintain some perspective on what's really happening.

Rolf D.
I am always checking my investment/trading ideas with Validea. I feel better knowing that any of the guru models they are following might also be on my side!

Urs K.

Find Your Edge With Validea's Quantitative Investing Tools

Guru Analysis

Analysis of 6000+ stocks using the proven strategies of investment legends like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch. See the details behind "why" some stocks look good and others don't through the guru methodologies.

See How Your Favorite Stocks Score

Model Portfolios

Twelve different model portfolios, each of which chooses stocks using one of our individual Guru Strategies. Two consensus-based portfolios that buy and sell stocks based on a blend of our individual Guru Strategies.

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Stock Screener

Screen for stocks that pass the strategies of investment legends such as Joel Greenblatt, John Neff and Martin Zweig. Combine multiple strategies together or add in fundamental filters to refine your result set. Excellent for idea generation.

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Trend Following

Our trend following system covers over 45+ asset & investment classes and seeks to help limit losses during major market declines while maintaining a disciplined re-entry method when prices revert. Get alerted when the signals change between Buy and Sell.

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Trade Alerts

Our Trade Alerts offer a series of high conviction guru signals based on individual guru strategies or combinations of strategies that, on average, have historically led to market outperformance over one, three and six month time frames.

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