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Since 2003, our guru strategies have outperformed the market by as much as 466.7%

Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 633.6%
Benjamin Graham 502.7%
Martin Zweig 434.8%
Peter Lynch 421.3%
Kenneth Fisher 358.7%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 276.8%
Warren Buffett 196.9%
Joseph Piotroski 181.3%
John Neff 139.8%
David Dreman 118.5%
Joel Greenblatt 117.9%

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John Reese Globe and Mail Articles
The Globe and Mail

Five Debt-Laden Stocks That Could Be Attractive Buys

Debt isn't always the dirty word stock investors think it is. Some of the most successful investors over time have used debt to buy cheap companies, nurse them to health and reap the gains. Private-equity firms try to capitalize on debt to reap profit. They snap up struggling publicly traded companies, with the help of some debt financing, spend a few years turning them around by restructuring or shedding businesses and then they sell them back to public stockholders, ideally at a gain.


John Reese Globe and Mail Articles
The Globe and Mail

These Three Stocks Score Highly in a Model Inspired by Warren Buffett's Bridge Philosophy

During a bridge game in 1968, investing legend Warren Buffett told mathematician Edward Thorp, "Investing in a market where people believe in efficiency is like playing bridge with someone who has been told it doesn't do any good to look at the cards." He was preaching to the choir. A few years earlier, the MIT professor figured out how to beat casinos in blackjack by identifying the sequencing of cards (he went on to invent a wearable computer to help him win at roulette). Mr. Buffett was an early admirer (casino operators were not).


John Reese Forbes Articles

Make Your Own Luck In Investing With These Four Stocks

Four leaf clovers and pennies-on-the-sidewalk aside, it's pretty tough to count on getting lucky. As an investor, this is a good thing to keep in mind. Although we'd like to find causality between actions and outcomes, the sobering truth is that sometimes there's none to be had. The universe is rife with randomness, and the world of investing is no exception. In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman uses the example of basketball to describes what he argues are "misperceptions of randomness".

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The Role of Inconsistency in Outperformance

No investment model can beat the market every year. We have studied many factor-based investment models and one rule applies to every one of them. Inconsistency is what investors have to endure in the short run to beat the market over the longer term.


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Graham's Most Important Contribution

Many consider the value approach to picking stocks Benjamin Graham's most important contribution to investing, but in actuality it may be something different entirely. Check out our latest newsletter to see what Graham's biggest lesson was.


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Become an Equity Compounder like Buffett

It's a simple concept, but over time, it accomplishes extraordinary things. That's how legendary investor and stock market guru Warren Buffett has described compound interest, a concept that Albert Einstein called the "eighth wonder of the world."

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