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Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 599.0%
Peter Lynch 409.5%
Kenneth Fisher 394.5%
Martin Zweig 383.0%
Benjamin Graham 334.0%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 229.0%
Warren Buffett 162.1%
Joseph Piotroski 152.7%
John Neff 129.4%
Joel Greenblatt 113.7%
David Dreman 111.5%

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John Reese NASDAQ Articles

Buffett's Friendly Skies and Picks that Could Lift Off

Amazon's much anticipated 30-hour long "Prime Day" kicked off on July 10th, with the company offering countless bargains for Prime customers-those that pay $100 a year to receive free or reduced-rate shipping on certain items. The shopping extravaganza-the third for Amazon-is considered a mid-year Black Friday of sorts. Last year, analysts estimated that Amazon pulled in $500 million to $600 million on the blow-out sales day, (although some claimed the figure was closer to $1.8 billion worldwide) and predictions for this year hover around $2.2 billion.


John Reese Forbes Articles

Four Buffett-Inspired Picks That Could Outrun The Bulls

The annual "Running of the Bulls" is part of a nine-day festival held in Pamplona, Spain in which thousands of people attempt to outrun a small herd of bulls that are allowed to gallop frenetically through a series of small streets leading to a bullring, where the event ends. Some say the event originated in northeastern Spain during the early 14th century, when men would try to speed up the process of transporting cattle to market by spooking them into running.


John Reese Forbes Articles

Buffett's Bank Of America Windfall And Five Attractive Financials To Consider

Before the July 4 weekend began, Warren Buffett made some fireworks of his own. Last week, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway decided to exercise the company's warrants to buy 700 million shares of Bank of America (BAC) common stock, a transaction that will result in an $11 billion windfall for Berkshire and represent Buffett's most profitable investment in this sector since the financial crisis. The deal with also make Berkshire Hathaway Bank of America's biggest shareholder (7%), surpassing Vanguard, which currently holds a 6% stake.

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The Book/Market Model Joseph Piotroski

A market guru that inspired one of the stock screening models we use at Validea, Joseph Piotroski was a trailblazer in the realm of quantitative investing, although he flew largely under the investing world radar. In 2000 the accounting professor at Stanford University wrote an academic paper that took Wall Street by surprise and was pivotal in the evolution of quantitative investing.


Validea Hot List

Mid Year Portfolio Update

With the second quarter coming to an end, we take a look at what has been working for our guru models in 2017, and what hasn't. With value stocks trailing the market badly so far this year and large-cap growth names leading the way, our best performers have been strategies focused on momentum and models with significant holdings in International stocks.


Validea Hot List

The Investing Strategy of John Neff

While relatively unknown outside Wall Street circles, John Neff earned guru investor status for his enviable track record while managing Vanguard's Windsor Fund. Neff focused on a stock's price-earnings ratio and considered the metric not only as a gauge for how much investors were willing to pay for every dollar of a company's earnings, but also as an indicator of the level of growth investors are expecting from a company in the future.

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