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Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 631.8%
Benjamin Graham 555.7%
Martin Zweig 455.2%
Peter Lynch 431.2%
Kenneth Fisher 376.6%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 284.5%
Warren Buffett 204.9%
Joseph Piotroski 182.0%
John Neff 149.0%
Joel Greenblatt 118.7%
David Dreman 118.2%

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John Reese NASDAQ Articles

No Fooling Around With This Top Performing Small Cap Growth Stock Model

When you buy shares of big, well-known companies, you're swimming with the sharks. At least that's the opinion of David and Tom Gardner, brothers and co-founders of the multi-media financial services company The Motley Fool. They argue that Wall Street (and analysts) devote a lot of time and attention to these companies and that individual investors are therefore unlikely to uncover something everyone else has missed. Small-cap stocks, on the other hand, are described on their site as "a deserted lagoon" many of which are "pearls of potential profit, waiting for the right catalyst to value them into the limelight." Although they tend to suffer deeper dips than their larger counterparts, the Gardners argue that small-caps can offer huge upside.


John Reese Globe and Mail Articles
The Globe and Mail

Megadeals Are Back Amid Increasing M&A Activity

Markets have returned to volatility after an unusually calm 2017, but that hasn't stopped companies from striking deals to combine. So far this year, a record US$1.7-trillion in deals have been announced, nearly US$120-billion of that in just a few days last week, including T-Mobile US Inc.'s US$59-billion bid for Sprint Corp. More notable is the size of the transactions. Thomson Reuters points out that while the number of deals is down from this time last year, their size is way up. Megadeals - in the billions of dollars - are more than half of current activity.


John Reese NASDAQ Articles

A List For The Tenacious Value Investor

Value investors haven't had it too easy in recent years. But it's never really easy to be a value investor, an approach that involves buying out-of-favor stocks based on the future potential of the underlying business-described by legendary investor Warren Buffett as buying "a wonderful business at a fair price" rather than a "fair business at a wonderful price." Recent years have seen value stocks languish as growth stocks, particularly the tech giants, have pushed ahead.

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How to Keep Investing Perspective

Learning how to tune out the noise and focus on what matters is the biggest challenge in investing. Investors have to overcome the temptation to dwell on the short-term when it's the long-term view that matters. They have to have the discipline to stick to a strategy even if it appears to be faltering at the moment. Success comes with setting clear goals and tuning out the distractions.


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What Gambling Can Teach Us About Process

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is valuing outcome over process, particularly giving significant weight to outcomes over short periods of time. When an investment manager does well over one, three, or five-year periods, investors flock to them and their assets under management rise. But things almost always end badly for those performance chasing investors.


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The Role of Inconsistency in Outperformance

No investment model can beat the market every year. We have studied many factor-based investment models and one rule applies to every one of them. Inconsistency is what investors have to endure in the short run to beat the market over the longer term.

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