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Guru Based on Return
Motley Fool 548.2%
Benjamin Graham 486.7%
Peter Lynch 430.7%
Martin Zweig 426.1%
Kenneth Fisher 411.3%
James P. O'Shaughnessy 274.9%
Warren Buffett 213.3%
Joseph Piotroski 175.2%
John Neff 140.1%
David Dreman 119.5%
Joel Greenblatt 115.0%

Recent Articles by Validea Founder John Reese


John Reese NASDAQ Articles

Surprise, Surprise: No Strategy Works All The Time

Since 2003, I've been running a series of investing models inspired by great investors and successful strategies. One of the most prominent lessons I've learned over the years is that these models can surprise me, both on the upside and the downside. Since their performance in any given year also reflects investors' appetite for certain types of stocks and styles, I thought it might be both an interesting and enlightening exercise to review these models - which cover a vast set of investing approaches -and see what we might glean from their track records.


John Reese NASDAQ Articles

Looking for Top Stocks in the Strongest Performing Sectors

As discussions concerning the ever-rising stock market continue to flourish, so do opinions and observations about how the tech sector is generating most of the gains. It stands to reason, given that the tech behemoths have enjoyed such dramatic growth and are so heavily weighted in the S&P 500. But while the tech sector continues to reign supreme on the performance front, 2017 has been a good year for several sectors.


John Reese Forbes Articles

Four 'Cornerstone' Growth And Value Stock Buys

Being a successful active investor requires focusing first on process, then on results, according to famed investor James O'Shaughnessy. In a recent Bloomberg Radio interview, the message was driven home by O'Shaughnessy Asset Management's Senior Portfolio Manager, Chris Meredith. While the firm is dedicated to building sound investment processes, Meredith said, it has also come to realize the importance of educating investors on how to do the same-another priority of the firm's founder.

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Pick a Star or Develop a Process

It's difficult to draw a direct relationship between skill and outcome, especially in investing. Even the best managers will underperform for a period of time during their careers, usually coinciding with buoyant markets, such as we see today. Winners are measured in decades, not months.


Validea Hot List

The Two Most Important Investing Decisions

Investors tend to get bogged down with detailed decisions. But the most important decisions are far more fundamental than that. Get the two most important decisions right, with realistic expectations, and success will follow. Check out our latest issue to find out what they are.


Validea Hot List

The Only Constant in Investing is Change

In investing, there will always be a new flavor of the month and a new fashionable strategy. But investors would be better served developing a plan that makes sense for them and sticking to it over the long run, rather than trying to chase performance.

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