Modified Permanent Portfolio

The Permanent Portfolio seeks to offer smooth returns over time by investing an equal amount in 4 uncorrelated asset classes (stocks, long-term bonds, short-term bonds and gold). Our modified version will invest only in the assets that are currently in an uptrend among the 4 in the universe. If no assets are in an uptrend, it will invest 100% of its assets in intermediate-term bonds.

Since 2006, this portfolio has returned 7.4% per year, outperforming its benchmark by 0.2%

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Modified Permanent Portfolio
60/40 Allocation

Annual Return: 7.4% 60/40 Portfolio: 7.2%
Year To Date: 3.0% 60/40 Portfolio:: 0.9%
Beta: 0.07 Standard Deviation: 14.3%
Full Return History

Portfolio Holdings

Ticker Date Added Return
GLD 10/19/2018 28.43%

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