Modified All Weather Portfolio

The All Weather Portfolio, which was created by Ray Dalio, seeks to offer investors a smoother ride across the economic cycle by investing in asset classes that perform well in both inflationary and deflationary environments. It invests in US stocks, long-term-bonds, intermediate-term bonds, commodities and gold. Our modified version will invest only in the assets that are currently in an uptrend among those in the universe and will invest the remainder in short or intermediate-term bonds. If no assets are in an uptrend, it will invest 100% of its assets in short or intermediate-term bonds.

Since 2006, this portfolio has returned 7.0% per year, underperforming its benchmark by 0.1%

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Modified All Weather Portfolio
60/40 Allocation

Annual Return: 7.0% 60/40 Portfolio: 7.1%
Year To Date: 2.5% 60/40 Portfolio: 1.1%
Beta: 0.04 Standard Deviation: 8.7%
Full Return History

Portfolio Holdings

Ticker Date Added Return
IEF 12/29/2006 106.20%

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