Highest Active Share Momentum ETFs

Momentum exposure measures how well a fund's holdings have performed. We measure both price momentum (how much the stocks have gone up relative to their peers) and fundamental momentum (how fast their underlying businesses have been growing). To measure price momentum, we use the 12-1 return, which is a stock's return in the past 12 months, excluding the most recent month. The most recent month is excluded because short-term momentum often tends to reverse, so excluding it provides a better momentum signal.

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ETFs with High Momentum Exposure and High Active Share

Ticker Total
XMMO $632,990,000 0.39% 74
DWAS $325,670,000 0.60% 200
DWMC $2,380,000 1.25% 159
QMOM $63,830,000 0.49% 52
EASI $22,720,000 0.76% 36
DFND $22,037,180 1.21% 71
LEAD $31,068,320 0.43% 56

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