Top Joel Greenblatt Stocks

Validea used the investment strategy outlined in the book The Little Book That Beats the Market written by Joel Greenblatt to create our Earnings Yield Investor portfolio. Greenblatt's approach looks only at the return a company generates on its capital, and at the firm's earnings yield (which is similar, but not identical to, the inverse of its price-earnings ratio). The Greenblatt strategy ranks all stocks in both of those categories, and then adds their numerical rankings together. The lower the combined numerical ranking, the better. (Our Greenblatt strategy invests in the 30 stocks with the best combined ranking.) Greenblatt's research shows that while beating the market is hard, it doesn't have to be complicated. The hard part comes not in developing a complex strategy, but instead in finding a proven approach and sticking with it through good times and bad. He stresses discipline as much as any of the gurus we follow.

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Stocks With the Highest Scores Using Our Joel Greenblatt Quantitative Strategy

Ticker Earnings
ALSN 100 $37.72
ABC 100 $95.34
AMCX 100 $28.27
BIIB 100 $307.09
CHRS 100 $18.64
BRBR 100 $20.08
DFIN 100 $8.15
GPRK 100 $8.47
HPQ 100 $15.14
HRB 100 $17.00

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