Generalized Protective Momentum

This strategy selects asset classes using a system that combines momentum and correlation. The asset classes covered are the S&P 500, the Russell 2000, the NASDAQ 100, European Equities, Japanese Equities, emerging market equities, long-term treasury bonds, high yield bonds, corporate bonds, commodities, gold, and real estate. The strategy will invest in the 6 asset classes with the highest combined momentum and correlation score on each rebalancing date. It will also move toward a crash protection asset (intermediate-term bonds) as the number of asset classes that are in a downtrend rises. Once more than half the assets in the selection universe are in a downtrend, the portfolio will invest 100% of its value in the crash protection asset.

Since 2006, this portfolio has returned 6.2% per year, underperforming its benchmark by 1.0%

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Generalized Protective Momentum
60/40 Allocation

Annual Return: 6.2% 60/40 Portfolio: 7.2%
Year To Date: 4.3% 60/40 Portfolio:: 0.9%
Beta: -0.05 Standard Deviation: 18.6%
Full Return History

Portfolio Holdings

Ticker Date Added Return
GLD 9/20/2019 4.23%

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