Trend Following

Our trend following system generates buy and sell signals based on a technical system that combines short- and long-term moving averages. For further details click here.

Our full trend following system produces buy and sell signals on 30+ other asset classes, industries and our guru portfolios. We alert you when changes take place.

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Current Signal: Sell

Last Signal Change: 12/7/2018 (signals updated at close every Friday)
Full Signal History

Current Price: 2,637.72
50 Day Moving Average: 2,752.49
200 Day Moving Average: 2,761.16

Percent Below All Time High: -10.00%
Percent Above (Below) 50 Day Moving Average: -4.17%
Percent Above (Below) 200 Day Moving Average: -4.47%

Trend Following Performance

Annual Timing Return: 9.7% Buy and Hold: 7.2%
Five Year Timing Return: 9.1% Buy and Hold: 7.8%
Three Year Timing Return: 11.4% Buy and Hold: 8.8%
Max Loss: 33.2% Max Loss Buy and Hold: 56.8%