Top Benjamin Graham Stocks

Validea used the investment strategy outlined in the book The Intelligent Investor written by Benjamin Graham to create our Value Investor portfolio. Not surprisingly, given that he lived through his family's financial troubles and the Great Depression, Graham used a conservative, risk-averse approach that focused as much on preserving capital as it did on producing big gains. Trendy, hot stocks didn't garner his attention; he was concerned with companies' balance sheets and their fundamentals. How much debt did they carry? How did their stock price compare to the amount of per-share earnings they were generating? Did the firm have strong sales figures? This value-centric, company-focused approach may be used by a lot of investors today, but it was Graham who first popularized it. A key concept behind his approach was the 'margin of safety' -- the difference between a stock's price and the value of its underlying business. Graham focused on stocks with high margins of safety (meaning their stocks were selling on the cheap compared to what he believed to be the intrinsic value of their businesses), because their already low prices offered significant downside protection.

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Stocks With the Highest Scores Using Our Benjamin Graham Quantitative Strategy

Ticker Value
AYI 100 $86.15
CRS 100 $23.37
GIII 100 $10.33
RS 100 $97.00
ZUMZ 100 $24.37
STLD 86 $26.56
SXI 86 $52.91
TARO 86 $68.14
TBI 86 $15.46
TILE 86 $8.49

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