Romick Thinks Big, and Global

Steven Romick, whose FPA Crescent Fund has beaten 99% of its peers over the past decade, is high on larger stocks that can take advantage of fast-growing foreign markets. “The opportunity set has changed,” Romick tells Bloomberg, which adds that Romick says big companies are both cheaper and better positioned to tap into faster-growing non-U.S. […]

Reese on How to Find “Enduring Moats” Like Buffett

In his latest article for Canada’s Globe & Mail, Validea Co-Founder and CEO John Reese talks about how some of the world’s most successful investors have targeted firms that have what Warren Buffett calls “enduring moats” — competitive advantages that can make for big-time stock gains. “What is an enduring moat?” Reese writes. “It can […]

Guru Strategy Rating Changes: GE, XOM on Move

Each week, we take a look at which stocks John Reese’s Guru Strategy computer models have newfound interest in, and which they have soured on. Here’s a look at some of the stocks John’s strategies have upgraded or downgraded today. Among the big-name movers: GE and Exxon Mobil.

Hussman: Market Still Overvalued

John Hussman says technicals and fundamentals are battling it out in the market. And, while the former may take stocks higher in the short term, the latter will win out over the long haul, he says. “We continue to observe a clear deterioration in leading indicators of economic activity,” Hussman writes in his latest market […]

Shiller Expecting Double-Dip Recession

Yale economist and home price index co-creator Robert Shiller says he’s not sure where housing prices are headed, but he is worried about the broader economy. “I’m worried about a double-dip recession,” Shiller tells Reuters Insider, pointing to lingering problems with the economy, such as high long-term unemployment. “Something is not normal in this economy […]

Top Mid-Cap Manager Talks Strategy

Michael Lippert, whose Baron Opportunity Retail fund is in the top 12% of mid-cap growth funds over the past year, and the top 4% over the past five years, says he’s putting new money to work in the current market. Lippert talks to CNBC about his fund’s long-term approach, which keys on innovative companies that […]

Sonders on Stocks, Gold, and The Machines

Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders says the current market environment “smacks of a buying opportunity,” and says she’s highest on healthcare and technology stocks. “I’m not a market timer, so I’m not telling clients to back up the truck and load up,” Sonders tells Kiplinger magazine. “But to me, this smacks of […]

Biggs Thinking Big — and High-Quality

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says there’s “no question” that the cheapest liquid investment asset in the world is “big, high-quality U.S. stocks.” Biggs also tells Bloomberg that he is bullish overall and is 75% net long on equities.

Fisher: The PSR Pioneer

Every other issue of The Validea Hot List newsletter examines in detail one of John Reese’s computerized Guru Strategies. This latest issue looks at the Kenneth Fisher-inspired strategy, which has averaged 12.1% annualized returns  since its inception seven years ago, over a period in which the S&P 500 has returned just 1.3% per year. Below […]

Tilson & Heins on Shorting Opportunities

In their latest Discovering Value column for Kiplinger’s, Whitney Tilson and John Heins discuss the ins and outs of short-selling, and offer some insight into where they are currently focusing their short-selling efforts. Tilson and Heins say they are value investors, and in choosing their long positions they take a classic value approach. But while […]

Yacktman Still High on High-Quality, and Thinking Globally

Top fund manager Donald Yacktman is continuing to find the best values in high-quality companies, and has his long-term focus on companies with international exposure. “Last quarter we wrote that many holdings had gone from ‘the exceptional to the more than acceptable,’” Yacktman’s firm states in its second-quarter letter. (Click here for a PDF copy […]

Siegel: Valuations Among Most “Persuasive” in Decades

Wharton professor and author Jeremy Siegel tells Bloomberg that he expects a “soft” second-quarter GDP reading, but he continues to believe we will not see a double-dip recession. Siegel also says valuations are extremely attractive. “From a valuation standpoint, I find this one of the most persuasive markets in many decades actually,” he says.

Keys to Buffett’s Success

In an interview with The Motley Fool web site, author Roger Lowenstein, who has written extensively about Warren Buffett, offers some interesting insights into why the “Oracle of Omaha” has been such a successful investor. “The most underrated part of his success would be his independence of character, his ability to just not do what […]

Bolton on China: Small Firms, Big Opportunities

Anthony Bolton, the highly successful U.K. fund manager who came out of retirement this year to take over a new China-focused fund for Fidelity, is particularly keen on smaller Chinese firms. Bolton recently told Dow Jones Newswires that small- and medium-sized businesses (those with market caps under $5 billion) tend to be under-researched in China. […]

Guru Strategy 7-Year Report Card: Ben Graham Still on Top

More than three decades after his death, Ben Graham is still beating the market. At least, Graham’s strategy is still handily beating the market, according to’s guru-inspired portfolios, the original 10 of which recently hit the 7-year mark in terms of performance tracking. And the results show that Graham, known as “The Father of […]

The “Last Optimist Standing”

In a recent presentation given during the Wharton School’s Global Alumni Forum, professor and author Jeremy Siegel said that generous unemployment benefits may be inflating the U.S.’s unemployment rate, and that factors like innovation and productivity will spur the country’s growth. According to Wharton’s web site, Siegel said that Congress “has voted the most generous […]

Berkowitz Loaded Up on Financials

After disclosing that his Fairholme fund opened or increased its stakes in two much-maligned insurers — AIG and MBIA — Bruce Berkowitz now has well over half of his portfolio in financial or insurance companies. According to Alex Garcia of, Berkowitz, who was recently named one of Morningstar’s fund managers of the decade, now […]

Nygren: How Stocks Could Double in Five Years

Bill Nygren, whose Oakmark and Oakmark Select funds are both in the top 2% of their category over the past decade, thinks stocks could double in the next five years — even if the economy shows zero real growth. “I don’t for a minute concede that we are condemned to that [economic] future,” Nygren writes […]

Doll: Economy Fragile, but Double Dip Unlikely

In his latest market commentary (provided on Advisor Perspectives’ web site), Blackrock’s Bob Doll says the economy has hit a “soft patch”, but that he thinks the odds of a double-dip recession remain low. And, he points to some bright signs in the employment arena. “Over the past several months, there have been disappointments in […]