Romick Thinks Big, and Global

Steven Romick, whose FPA Crescent Fund has beaten 99% of its peers over the past decade, is high on larger stocks that can take advantage of fast-growing foreign markets. “The opportunity set has changed,” Romick tells Bloomberg, which adds that Romick says big companies are both cheaper and better positioned to tap into faster-growing non-U.S. […]

Reese on How to Find “Enduring Moats” Like Buffett

In his latest article for Canada’s Globe & Mail, Validea Co-Founder and CEO John Reese talks about how some of the world’s most successful investors have targeted firms that have what Warren Buffett calls “enduring moats” — competitive advantages that can make for big-time stock gains. “What is an enduring moat?” Reese writes. “It can […]

Guru Strategy Rating Changes: GE, XOM on Move

Each week, we take a look at which stocks John Reese’s Guru Strategy computer models have newfound interest in, and which they have soured on. Here’s a look at some of the stocks John’s strategies have upgraded or downgraded today. Among the big-name movers: GE and Exxon Mobil.

Hussman: Market Still Overvalued

John Hussman says technicals and fundamentals are battling it out in the market. And, while the former may take stocks higher in the short term, the latter will win out over the long haul, he says. “We continue to observe a clear deterioration in leading indicators of economic activity,” Hussman writes in his latest market […]

Shiller Expecting Double-Dip Recession

Yale economist and home price index co-creator Robert Shiller says he’s not sure where housing prices are headed, but he is worried about the broader economy. “I’m worried about a double-dip recession,” Shiller tells Reuters Insider, pointing to lingering problems with the economy, such as high long-term unemployment. “Something is not normal in this economy […]

Top Mid-Cap Manager Talks Strategy

Michael Lippert, whose Baron Opportunity Retail fund is in the top 12% of mid-cap growth funds over the past year, and the top 4% over the past five years, says he’s putting new money to work in the current market. Lippert talks to CNBC about his fund’s long-term approach, which keys on innovative companies that […]

Sonders on Stocks, Gold, and The Machines

Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders says the current market environment “smacks of a buying opportunity,” and says she’s highest on healthcare and technology stocks. “I’m not a market timer, so I’m not telling clients to back up the truck and load up,” Sonders tells Kiplinger magazine. “But to me, this smacks of […]

Biggs Thinking Big — and High-Quality

Hedge fund guru Barton Biggs says there’s “no question” that the cheapest liquid investment asset in the world is “big, high-quality U.S. stocks.” Biggs also tells Bloomberg that he is bullish overall and is 75% net long on equities.