Herro: Don’t Fear All European Banks

Top fund manager David Herro says the European debt crisis doesn’t mean investors should avoid European financials. In fact, he says the fear surrounding the crisis has created several bargains among those firms. “We are not believers that the European banking system is trashed for generations,” Herro tells Bloomberg. He says the system does of […]

Doll Thinks Euro Debt Crisis Will Be Contained

Blackrock’s Bob Doll says he continues to believe the European debt crisis will be contained, and says the stock market’s recent troubles have made for some good buying opportunities. “There remains a high degree of near-term risk and the possibility of short-term turmoil given the evolving crisis in Europe, fiscal issues in the United States […]

Mobius Turns to Africa

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius is finding a good deal of value in a place not known for great investments: Africa. Mobius tells Investors Chronicle that he’s high on telecoms, natural resources and consumer products in Africa, and is particularly bullish on banking stocks. “Banking in Africa is growing at a torrential pace and provides an […]

Shiller Worried More Housing Declines Ahead

  Yale Economist Robert Shiller says the long decline in housing prices may not be over yet. “Home prices show a lot of momentum; they’re not like the stock market. The real question is do we still have downward momentum?” Shiller tells FOX Business Network. “There are a lot of positive signs but a skeptic […]

Herro: Great Time to Be a Bottom-Up Investor

While it seems that all of the investment world is fretting over Europe’s debt woes, top fund manager David Herro of Oakmark is seeing a big opportunity. “As we all watch the macro playing out in Europe and elsewhere around the world, we’re thinking that this is a great time to be a bottom-up international […]

Buffett-like Bargains North of the Border

Buy when others are fearful, Warren Buffett says, and lately, there’s been a lot of fear in markets, thanks to the resurgence of the European debt crisis. So in his Number Cruncher column, Globe and Mail’s John Heinzl takes a look at some Buffett-like bargains using Validea CEO John Reese’s Buffett-inspired Guru Strategy. “Mr. Buffett […]

Gross: U.S. Is “Cleanest Dirty Shirt”

PIMCO bond guru Bill Gross says that the U.S. is currently offering the best of several bad options for bond investors. “It’s what we call the cleanest dirty shirt, and at the moment the cleanest dirty shirt is the United States,” Gross told CNBC’s Street Signs. “It’s Treasurys, it’s those 1.75 percent 10-year Treasurys that are […]

All Downhill for U.S. Manufacturing? Not So Fast

Conventional wisdom has long held that the U.S. manufacturing sector is on the decline. But in a new research report, Kenneth Fisher’s firm offers a very different take. “The U.S., like most developed countries, has evolved into a more diversified economy, with a heavy emphasis on services, which account for around 70% of U.S. GDP,” […]