Ritholtz’s Investing Handbook

In his latest Washington Post column, top strategist Barry Ritholtz lays out some of the most important “rules of investing” that he has learned over the years. Among the key tenets Ritholtz lays out: Cut your losers short and let your winners run: Ritholtz calls this “perhaps the best investing advice ever”. He says letting […]

More Gurus, More Profits

In his latest article for Nasdaq.com, Validea CEO John Reese looks at the benefits of investing in stocks that get high marks from more than one of his guru-inspired strategies. “What’s better than one investment guru?” asks Reese. “Two investment gurus, of course. That’s what I’ve found over the years using my Guru Strategies, each of […]

Gross: Follow the Fed and ECB

Bill Gross says PIMCO’s strategy is pretty simple: Buy what the Federal Reserve and other central banks are buying. “We continue to anticipate what the Fed is buying,” Gross recently told CNBC. “They’ve told us they will buy $40 billion to $70 billion of agency mortgages every month until the cows come home. It pays […]

Is the Bond Bull Over? Maybe Not

Has the bond market reached a peak? Not if history is any guide, says MarketWatch’s Mark Hulbert. Hulbert recently looked at the average bond market exposure for bond market timers he tracks at Hulbert Financial Digest. He found that those with the best track records on average have an 89% exposure to the bond market; […]

Mobius High on Coal

Templeton Emerging Markets Group’s Mark Mobius says he’s bullish on Chinese coal companies. “These companies are not only mining but also producing power and the demand for power is insatiable in China and everywhere else in the world,” Mobius tells Bloomberg. His funds currently hold shares of coal companies Shenhua, Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., and […]

The Schloss Approach: Patience and Simplicity

Though he didn’t get as much attention as some of his fellow Benjamin Graham disciples, Walter Schloss produced an impeccable investing track record. And, he did it with a simple, patient approach, writes Norman Rothery in Canada’s Globe and Mail.  From 1955 to 2002, Schloss’s investment partnership averaged annual returns of 16% — “and that […]

Fisher: Bull Only Halfway Done

While some are questioning whether the bull market is nearing its end, top strategist Kenneth Fisher says the bull is only halfway done. “People are optimistic about their own lives, but they’re skeptical about everything else,” Fisher tells CNBC. “Therefore, we’re going to move from that skepticism, eventually, to some form of optimism, or lack of […]

Buffett’s Berkshire Exercises Warrants

Warren Buffett’s firm is buying, thought its target isn’t much of a surprise. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has exercised the warrants it obtained back in May on Media General Inc. shares, according to Bloomberg. Berkshire is acquiring 4.65 million shares of Media General’s common stock for 1 cent a share, and now owns about 17% of Media […]

Bogle: China “Sinking”, U.S. Best Developed Market

Vanguard founder Jack Bogle says the U.S. is faring better than the rest of the world, and that China’s economy is “sinking quite a bit” right now. “The fact of the matter is our economy, U.S. GDP, is the best performer in the developed world by a good margin and the rest of the world […]

Paulsen: Rally Has Legs

Wells Capital’s Jim Paulsen thinks the stock market’s recent climb has more to do with improving fundamentals than Federal Reserve policies — which means the rally could have some powerful legs. “I think it’s going to be a multiyear recovery,” Paulsen told MarketWatch’s Howard Gold. “I think the great bulk of this move has been […]