Billionaire Advice Might Not Fit the Bill for All

Another round of advice on sticking to an investment plan might sound like our needle is stuck, but this time we’re coming at it from a slightly different angle. Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz shares perspective on comments made earlier this month by Convergex chief strategist Nick Colas. The gist of Colas’ view was that […]

Remember Ritholtz’s Advice During Next Market Sell-Off

“Something bad happens somewhere, and markets are unhinged. Once the noise subsides and the markets settles down, everyone wonders what the heck just happened,” writes Barry Ritholtz, chief investment officer of Ritholtz Wealth Management and columnist for The Washington Post. He references the Brexit vote and why it, or other macro events, shouldn’t affect your […]

What Investors Can Learn From Baseball Great Ted Williams

“Hall of Famer Ted Williams approached batting not as something done on instinct, but rather as a methodical, evidence-based process,” says BloombergView columnist and founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management, Barry Ritholtz. Ritholtz recalled that Warren Buffett had recommended Williams’ book, “The Science of Hitting,” in the context of making better decisions. He writes that “Williams […]

A Flat 2015 is Not Predictive of Coming Bear or Bull Market

Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg columnist and founder of Ritholtz Wealth Management, points out that 2015 has been essentially flat and, looking to history, concludes: “by itself, a flat market does not tell us very much of anything about the following years’ subsequent returns.” He notes that two opposing views are common in predicting markets after flat […]

Four Ways Barry Ritholtz Says Amateur Investor’s Can Jiujitsu Professional Investors

Earlier this month, Barry Ritholtz of Ritholtz Wealth Management suggested in his Washington Post column that amateurs may be able to beat professional investors. Countering Charles Ellis’ suggestion that amateur investors are seriously disadvantaged as amateur football players would be against the pros, Ritholz opines that amateur investors “have enormous advantages of their own.”  He […]

O'Shaughnessy on Investor Psychology, Bond Market Trouble, and Why Value Wins

In a wide-ranging interview with Barry Ritholtz on Bloomberg View, quantitative investing guru James O’Shaughnessy recently talked about why human beings are such inferior prognosticators compared to computer models, what that means for investors, why stocks may well be safer than bonds over the long run, and why holding period duration is so critical.

Ritholtz: Just Do Nothing

Investors spend a lot of time worrying about — and often acting on — the latest economic reports. But Barry Ritholtz says what they most often should do in such situations is nothing.

Indicators Say Market Top Not Near

As the bull market has run longer and higher, many have been speculating about whether we’re nearing a market top. In a recent Bloomberg View column, Barry Ritholtz turns to Paul Desmond of Lowry’s Research — who has been analyzing markets for five decades — for some cold, hard data on the topic.

Ritholtz On What To Learn From The Gold Bust

After a huge decade-long runup, gold has tumbled in recent years, pounding portfolios of many gold bugs. “The mania for gold, like all manias preceding this one, is ending badly,” Barry Ritholtz of FusionIQ and The Big Picture blog explains in a Washington Post column. “And while gold may yet establish a comeback, much of […]

Ritholtz on the Folly of Forecasting

When it comes to market and economic forecasts, top strategist Barry Ritholtz has some advice: Ignore them. “The simple truth is that, as a species, you humans are terrible about making predictions,” Ritholtz writes in a Bloomberg column. “Forget forecasting big events that are not in your control, such as the economy or the market, […]

Ritholtz on the “Most Hated” Rally

Barry Ritholtz says that too many investors are underinvested in stocks, saying that the market rally has been “hated” by many. Ritholtz tells Bloomberg that pullbacks are a part of bull markets, but investors seem to take every minor pullback as a sign off disaster these days. He talks about how difficult it is to […]

Ritholtz Not Sweating the Shutdown — for Now

Though the government shutdown and debt deal drama are monopolizing the financial headlines, Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture blog says it’s had little impact on his investing approach. And it will stay that way, he says — so long as the stalemate doesn’t last longer than a few weeks. Ritholtz tells Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker […]

Ritholtz: Don’t Be a Muppet

In a recent Washington Post column, Barry Ritholtz says that too many investors are still getting victimized by “muppet portfolios”. “Muppet portfolios,” Ritholtz says, are portfolios “assembled for the sole purpose of maximizing commissions to the retail broker, period.” He talks about the way Wall Street assembles these  portfolios and pitches them to unsuspecting retail […]

Ritholtz Sees Long-Term Value In EMs, Europe

Barry Ritholtz of Fusion IQ and The Big Picture blog says he’s dialing back a bit on U.S. stocks, and making bigger pushes into two unloved areas of the market: emerging market stocks and European stocks. “[Emerging markets] are the cheapest markets that are out there. They’ve gotten absolutely shellacked,” he says. “We love when […]

Ritholtz: Don’t Be a Slave to the Story

Everyone loves a good story. But in the investing world, getting too caught up in a good story can lead to serious trouble, Barry Ritholtz notes. On The Big Picture blog (h/t Abnormal Returns), Ritholtz examines why, with stocks at all-time highs and the worst recession in 80 years behind us, so many people in […]

Ritholtz: Shut off the TV and Think Long Term

Barry Ritholtz of FusionIQ and The Big Picture blog has some advice for investors: Shut off your TV, and don’t listen to the “experts” in the financial media. “Studies have shown that the most confident, specific and detailed forecasts about the future are: a) most likely to be believed by readers and TV viewers; and […]

Ritholtz On “Ex-Post Facto Market Rationale”

While many market commentators were blaming Thursday’s declines on fears of the Federal Reserve tapering its asset-purchasing program, Barry Ritholtz is skeptical — and says the attempts to explain the declines highlight a big problem in investing.  “The issue at hand is the tendency to explain what just happened int he market after — and […]