Three Lessons From 2012

Michael Cintolo of the top performing Cabot Market Letter recently reviewed three key lessons he’s learned or relearned in 2012. Cintolo says that one of those key lessons involves relying on your investment system when times get stressful. While it is good to have a plan for different scenarios, he says, “obsessing over every scenario is stressful and often counterproductive. We used to have a saying in the office: ‘When you’re confused, turn it over to the rules.’ After all, if you have a system, it’s there for a reason — to rely on it! And by doing so, not […]

Top Strategist: Value Doesn’t Matter

While many investors don’t consider a stock without looking at its price/earnings ratio or some other valuation metric, Michael Cintolo of the top-performing Cabot Market Letter says he doesn’t look at valuation.  “The stock market is a contrary creature; when dealing with growth stocks, you generally get what you pay for,” Cintolo writes in a piece for “It turns out that things like P/E ratios are not great predictors of future growth stock performance. In fact, the vital truth is that many investors are confusing the cart with the horse: Valuation is often the RESULT of great performance, not […]

Top Newsletter Stays Disciplined Amid Fears

Michael Cintolo, editor of the top-performing Cabot Market Letter, thinks some weak recent economic data may actually be a precursor to an upward move for stocks. “Anecdotally, we think [this week’s] horrible manufacturing report (the first contraction in the sector since 2009) fits well with a bottoming market — you often will see these types of backward-looking indicators produce scary readings near turning points,” Cintolo said, according to MarketWatch. “That’s not a prediction, just an observation.” Cintolo said he’s “not ready to jump in with both feet quite yet” when it comes to the stock market. His advice: “Sit tight […]

Top Newsletter Cautious, But on the Prowl

One of the top-performing investing newsletters is being very cautious, holding a high amount of cash while searching for opportunities amid the recent market sell-off. “We’re not in any rush to plow back into the market right now … but we’re also not opposed to doing a little fine-tuning here or there if we see a great story and setup,” the Cabot Market Letter recently stated, according to MarketWatch’s Peter Brimelow. “Overall, we feel now is the time to sit back and let the market chop around, while homing in on the potential leaders of the next leg up.” Cabot […]

Discipline Crucial, Top Newsletter Editor Says

The Cabot Market Letter is having another market-beating year, and its editor is preaching discipline amid the current market volatility. “Going forward, it’s important to remember to take your cues from the market itself, and not from the headlines that are sure to push the market up and down in the days ahead,” Michael Cintolo recently wrote to subscribers, according to MarketWatch’s Peter Brimelow. “The goal is to preserve most of your capital today, so that you can make that much more once a new uptrend truly gets underway.” Brimelow says Cintolo showed his discipline over the past week. On […]