Icahn Finding Value in Netflix

While Netflix shares have been pummeled over the past year-and-a-half, hedge fund guru Carl Icahn is betting on them to rebound, perhaps due to Netflix’s attractiveness as a takeover target. In a regulatory filing, Icahn announced that he has acquired nearly 10% of the firm. “Netflix may hold significant strategic value for a variety of significantly larger companies that are engaging in more direct competition with one another due to the evolution of the internet, mobile and traditional industry,” Icahn reported in the filing, according to The Wall Street Journal. Icahn said in the filing that he thinks Netflix’s shares are […]

The Gurus Dig Deep For Resource Plays

In his latest article for Nasdaq.com, Validea CEO John Reese takes a look at some natural resource-related stocks that look attractive right now.  “With the world population continuing to rise, global economies running for the most part on non-renewable resources, and central banks injecting huge sums of money into the financial system in recent years, some of the world’s most successful investors have been bullish on natural resource-related stocks recently,” writes Reese, listing Jeremy Grantham, Mark Mobius, and Carl Icahn as examples. “With inflation creeping higher this year … it may indeed be a good time to check out natural […]

Icahn: For Now, Focus on Jobs, Not Deficit

While acknowledging the U.S.’s budget problems, hedge fund guru Carl Icahn says now is not the time to be focusing on reducing the country’s deficit. “I think at this time, it’s not the time to be so obsessed about the deficit as it is to put these people back to work,” Icahn tells CNBC. Icahn also defends the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke, saying that Bernanke “did a great job” and that the Fed “saved this country” when the financial crisis hit in 2008. “I think if you hadn’t had that Fed come in — we were really on the […]