Stiglitz Confident in Strong China Growth

China’s economy has become more and more important to the global economy in recent years, and Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz recently offered his thoughts on how China’s economy is faring.  Stiglitz tells Bloomberg he is confident that China can continue to put up strong growth numbers, and that he’s not too worried about a “hard landing” for the Chinese economy. [youtube=]

Bolton on China: Small Firms, Big Opportunities

Anthony Bolton, the highly successful U.K. fund manager who came out of retirement this year to take over a new China-focused fund for Fidelity, is particularly keen on smaller Chinese firms. Bolton recently told Dow Jones Newswires that small- and medium-sized businesses (those with market caps under $5 billion) tend to be under-researched in China. “[Their] balance sheets are much stronger than I expected with many companies having net cash positions,” Bolton adds, saying that such firms often have reasonable growth potential and are cheaper than their Western counterparts. Bolton likes Chinese consumer stocks, including those in the retail, hotel, […]

Bolton Eyes China

Fidelity’s Anthony Bolton, one of the U.K.’s most successful fund managers before retiring in early 2008, is putting retirement on hold as he tries to take advantage of what he says is the “opportunity of a generation” in China. Bolton is starting a new fund focused on companies exposed to Chinese consumer growth, The Wall Street Journal reports. “He points to studies that show consumers in emerging economies launch into a new phase of purchasing when per-capita gross domestic product hits $4,000 to $5,000,” a level China is expected to hit in 2011, the Journal reports. “As average incomes pass […]

Rogers on Which Chinese Sectors to Watch

Canada’s Globe & Mail is running a number of interview clips with commodities guru Jim Rogers, focusing on Rogers’ thoughts on the potential hot-bed of growth in China. In this clip, Rogers talks about some of the sectors that he thinks are the best places to invest in China. Among his favorites: agriculture, education, and infrastructure. In other segments, Rogers offers his thoughts on his broader China strategy, currency investing, the impact Chinese politics could have on investors, and more.