Herro's Take On Greece

Recently, David Herro of Harris Associates spoke to CNBC about his thoughts on the Greece instability, and how that affects European investments — and the top fund manager’s outlook may well surprise you.

Herro’s Take On Greece

Recently, David Herro of Harris Associates spoke to CNBC about his thoughts on the Greece instability, and how that affects European investments — and the top fund manager’s outlook may well surprise you.

Herro: There's Value In Europe

Top fund manager David Herro is finding a lot of value in the unloved European region, as well as in Japan. In a recent letter to his Oakmark International shareholders, Herro said he had about 80% of the portfolio in Europe and 11% in Japan. “How we are positioned is really a function of where we […]

Gross: Austerity Won’t Work

PIMCO’s Bill Gross says that what is needed to fix the European debt crisis is growth and budget discipline — not mere austerity. “No, that doesn’t work,” Gross says of the austerity approach in an interview with the Associated Press. “Eliminating a budget deficit won’t produce growth. It really requires a delicate combination of growth […]

Despite Euro Chaos, Fisher Still Bullish

While the chaos surrounding recent elections in Europe is scaring many investors, author and top-performing money manager Kenneth Fisher says it doesn’t change his bullish outlook for stocks for the year. Fisher tells Reuters that he thinks the European debt situation won’t topple the stock market, and that the fears are overhyped.  “We have seen […]

Mobius Bullish on Europe

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says he is upping his exposure to European stocks, despite the continent’s lingering debt woes. “The stocks in the European countries have gone down excessively as a result of the bad news emanating from this crisis and we find good investment opportunities at bargain price and we are increasing the […]

Paulson Sees European Crisis Worsening

Top hedge fund manager John Paulson thinks the European debt crisis is going to worsen, thanks to continuing problems in Spain. “Mr. Paulson told investors in a call on Monday that he was betting against the creditworthiness of Germany,” the Financial Times reports, “regarded in markets as among the safest sovereign borrowers, because he saw […]

Herro’s Reasons for Optimism

Oakmark’s David Herro says that despite a tough year for his funds (which still have very strong long-term track records), he remains “extremely confident about the medium- and long-term future.” Herro says in commentary on his firm’s web site that the biggest challenge in the market right now may be volatility, which is being driven […]

Fisher: Look for Euro Stock Rebound in ’12

The European debt crisis dominated the investment world for much of 2011, with eurozone stocks getting pounded. But in 2012, Kenneth Fisher says to key on the same types of companies that were hit hard by the crisis. “My travels have left me even more convinced that the current crisis will pass,” Fisher writes in […]

Mobius Sees Euro Crisis Ending Mid-2012

Templeton Asset Management’s Mark Mobius says the European debt crisis isn’t as bad as many believe, and he expects it to be resolved in mid-2012. “The European crisis isn’t as deep and terrible as people think,” Mobius told the Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico, according to CNBC.com. “Nations there are in a process of negotiations and […]

Paulson On How To Fix Europe

John Paulson, the hedge fund manager who made a killing by shorting U.S. real estate before the bubble burst a few years ago, says the European Central Bank needs to create a “firewall” to address Europe’s current problems. “Last week’s statement from European leaders should go a long way toward fiscal consolidation, a necessary step […]

Doll: Political Will Needed to Fix European Situation

Blackrock’s Bob Doll says that he thinks Europe is already in a recession, and that solving the continent’s debt crisis is not a matter of economics but instead one of political will. Doll tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that he thinks political leaders will eventually show that will, but that the longer they wait the worse […]

Fisher: Buy on Fear

Kenneth Fisher says that fears of a eurozone collapse and a double-dip recession in the U.S. continue to be overblown, and thinks stocks are positioned well heading into 2012. “Sentiment is uniformly black — that’s almost always bullish — long term,” Fisher writes in a column for Interactive Investor. “Then, too, fundamentals are much stronger […]

Doll Thinks “Period of Greatest Risk” Has Passed

Blackrock’s Bob Doll says that it looks like odds of the European debt crisis being resolved are increasing, and that the danger to the stock market is abating. “The debt crisis and ongoing economic uncertainty are likely to remain headwinds for stocks for some time,” Doll writes in his latest market commentary on Blackrock’s website, […]

Look Beyond Europe News, Sonders Says

Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders — whose calls on the start and end of the “Great Recession” proved quite accurate — warns against hyperfocusing on Greece’s debt problems. “Even the broader European focus has largely seemed to overshadow developments in the United States, which remains the world’s largest economy,” Sonders writes along with Brad Sorensen […]