Gundlach and Others Offer Market Perspective

The upcoming presidential election is causing uneasiness, not just at the water cooler or the dinner table but also in the markets. Matt Schifrin, a managing editor of investing at Forbes, canvassed several of what he considers the “smartest market thinkers” for perspective and investment advice amidst the uncertainty. Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO, DoubleLine Capital says, “Trump is going to win, so that’s all that needs to be considered.” He believes that the “economic fearmongering” that will ensue could cause a global growth scare and a related risk-asset selloff. According to Gundlach, this will create buying opportunities in stocks and other […]

Shilling: Bond Prices to Rise in 2013

Economist Gary Shilling is betting on bonds over stocks in 2013. “I think you play it with a ‘risk-off’ kind of approach,” he tells Yahoo! Finance’s The Daily Ticker. “And that means you probably look for more appreciation in long-term Treasury bonds, which have been a favorite of mine since 1981.” Shilling says he doesn’t care that bond yields are exceptionally low. What he cares about is the direction of their yields, and he thinks the direction will be downward. “I’ve only bought Treasuries for appreciation,” he said. “I couldn’t care less what the yield is, as long as it’s […]

Shilling Sees Rough Times Ahead — But Opportunities, Too

Economist and INSIGHT newsletter editor A. Gary Shilling is expecting slow growth and deflation in the coming years, along with a secular bear market. But he says there will still be ways for investors to make money. In a piece published on, Shilling lists a number of areas he thinks will produce winners over the next decade. Among them: Utility stocks and other solid dividend players High-Quality bonds, especially Treasuries Consumer staples and foods stocks Select healthcare stocks, including those of companies that promote cost containment, provide home health care services and supplies, and make noninvasive diagnostic and surgical […]

Shilling: Don’t Believe the Rally

Economist, money manager, and Forbes columnist Gary Shilling says talk of a “V” shaped economic recovery is overdone, and that we’re in a bear market rally — not a new bull market. Shilling tells Steve Forbes that he thinks stocks are in a bit of a bubble following the recent runup. “There was a realization earlier this year that the financial structure was not going to disappear into the earth, and that was certainly cause for a revival in stocks,” Shilling says. “But, to me, they’ve way outrun reality.” Shilling thinks we’ll likely see positive economic growth in the third […]

Shilling: Still Bearish

Gary Shilling, the economist, money manager, and Forbes columnist, isn’t changing his bearish view, despite the market’s big recent rally. “I think it is a bear market rally,” Shilling told Yahoo! TechTicker this morning. He says he expects S&P 500 earnings of about $40 for 2009. Put what he calls a “generous” multiple of 15 on those earnings, he says, and you end up with a year-end S&P value of 600.