Top Small-Cap Manager Plays It Safe

Small-cap growth is an area of the stock market that would seem to imply frequent trading and extra risk. But Jeff Cardon, whose Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund has been one of the best performers in its class for more than a decade, has built a strong track record without high turnover or added risk. “That’s how I judge whether I’m being careful,” Cardon tells Forbes magazine in saying that only 12% of his portfolio involved brand-new names last year. “If you have a high turnover of names, then you’re saying there’s a lot of stuff in the portfolio you […]

Top Small-Cap Manager Talks Strategy

Jeff Cardon, whose Wasatch Small-Cap Growth fund has beaten almost 90% of its peers over the past decade, recently discussed his strategy and market outlook with Morningstar. Cardon says he’s keying on high-quality small-caps, which he thinks will fare better in a lower-growth environment than lower-quality peers. “Many companies that recently found success when capital and demand were strong will suffer in the low-growth economy that we are likely to face for at least the next several years,” he says. “The highest-quality companies, those with strong products and/or services, long-term growth opportunities, solid financing, and proven management, will pull away […]