What Will the Recovery Look Like?

A “U”, a “V”, an “L” — Time magazine takes a look at what we might expect in the coming economic recovery, with insight from top strategists such as Peter Lynch and Jean-Marie Eveillard. A sampling of the advice: Lynch says that waiting for a major economic recovery to occur before jumping back into the market can cost you a lot. “People think that things need to go from terrible to terrific before they can invest,” the former Fidelity star says. “But things only have to get to somewhat crummy for stocks to go up.” Eveillard, of First Eagle Funds, […]

Gross, Lynch, Malkiel: Varied Perspectives on Current Market

In interviews with the Washington Post, three top market minds — former Fidelity star manager Peter Lynch, PIMCO’s bond guru Bill Gross, and Princeton professor and author Burton Malkiel — offer some pretty wide-ranging views on the stock market and where we’re headed. Lynch and Malkiel express a fairly bullish take for long-term investors. Lynch says that the recent market plunge has affected great and good companies as well as mediocre firms. “It’s brought them all down,” he says. “Bargains are all over the place. There are so many attractive stocks out there. But they keep going down.” Lynch says […]

Lynch: Stocks Still Best Choice for Long Term

In a recent interview with The New York Times, former Fidelity star manager Peter Lynch says that the recent market plunge and financial crisis hasn’t shaken his belief that stocks are the best long-term choice for investors. “I can’t tell you anything about where the market will be in the next six months or 12 months or two years,” Lynch said. “But at some point in the future, I think you’ll look back and see that we’ve gotten through this … [and that] stocks turned out to be the best bet.” Three other top Wall Street minds interviewed by the […]