Small-Cap Bargains from the Gurus

In his latest column, Validea CEO and The Guru Investor author John Reese looks at some small-cap bargains he’s finding in the market.  “Since the stock market began to turn lower two months ago amid renewed fears about the European debt crisis, small-cap stocks have fared worse than their larger peers,” Reese writes. “It shouldn’t be a surprise — often when fears hit and the market falls, investors lean toward stocks of larger companies, with the assumption that they will be more stable and steady during tough times. Many quality small-caps can thus get unfairly punished during such periods, […]

Top Small-Cap Manager Plays It Safe

Small-cap growth is an area of the stock market that would seem to imply frequent trading and extra risk. But Jeff Cardon, whose Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund has been one of the best performers in its class for more than a decade, has built a strong track record without high turnover or added risk. “That’s how I judge whether I’m being careful,” Cardon tells Forbes magazine in saying that only 12% of his portfolio involved brand-new names last year. “If you have a high turnover of names, then you’re saying there’s a lot of stuff in the portfolio you […]

Royce on How Small Caps Can Generate Big Returns Without Big Volatility

In an interview with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack, top fund manager Chuck Royce discusses why small-cap stocks provide an “evergreen universe” of opportunity. Royce talks about how to reduce volatility in a small-cap portfolio, and why he thinks higher-quality, dividend-oriented stocks are going to take leadership over higher-risk stocks, which have thus far led the bull market. Royce also says he thinks the broader market will return 6% to 9% per year, on average, this decade.

’08 Plunge Gives Individual Investors Big “Small” Advantage

One of the many impacts of last year’s market meltdown was the huge shakeup to stocks’ style box classifications. With most stocks losing a quarter to half of their value — and some of the largest companies being decimated — definitions for “large-cap”, “mid-cap”, and “small-cap” were turned on their heads. And, writes Investment News’ Jeff Benjamin, that appears to have given smaller money managers and individual investors an advantage over big investment firms. Benjamin says the market plunge “had a unique impact on managers of small-cap stocks because it pushed those stocks that are generally expected to lead a […]