Fool’s Gardner on Active Versus Passive Investing

In a recent interview with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack, Motley Fool’s Tom Gardner shares insights regarding active versus passive investing and where he sees market opportunities. Tom Gardner, who’s mission through his Motley Fool multi-media network of financial services is to “help the world invest better.” He asserts his belief that index investing is the best first choice for many investors, but not because it’s impossible to be successful through active investing. Active investing, he explains, is a non-starter for many people because they aren’t interested in the process, in getting up the learning curve on companies. For these investors, he […]

A Fool's Recipe for Beating the Market

Motley Fool co-founders Tom and David Gardner have both put up exceptional long-term track records, and in a recent interview with WealthTrack, Tom discussed the brothers’ investment philosophy. Gardner says that the biggest thing an investor can do to improve their chances of success is extend their time horizon. He also says that, while the Fool offers a number of different approaches and portfolios, all of them center on the concepts of focusing on the business, not technical factors or short term stock movements, and thinking long-term. He talks about why it’s important to diversify, and why his value approach […]

Gardners See Plenty of Opportunities

While a number of recent financial scandals have led many investors to grow weary of the stock market, Motley Fool co-creators Tom and David Gardner say investors shouldn’t lose faith in stock investing. “I think that it is a great time to invest — I have always felt that way,” David tells Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker. “While the backdrop of the system and a lot of skepticism is out there, probably it’s also a sign that there’s a lot of money outside the market, and when it comes back in, I feel really good about where my money’s positioned and […]

A ‘Foolish’ Strategy That Trounces The Market

In a recent article for Canada’s Globe and Mail, Darcy Keith highlights’s top-performing model, the strategy that Validea CEO John Reese bases on the approach of Tom and David Gardner of The Motley Fool. Validea’s 10-stock, monthly rebalanced Fool-inspired portfolio has returned 226.4% (14.7% annualized) since its 2003 inception, vs. just 34.3% (3.5% annualized) for the S&P 500. “Don’t let the name deceive you; there’s nothing to be feeling foolish about here,” Keith writes. “The Gardners had a goal of identifying small, fast-growing companies with solid fundamentals using eight main attributes that investors should look for in small companies. They […]

Big Returns in Small Stocks

In his latest article for Canada’s Globe and Mail, Validea CEO John Reese takes a look at his small-stock-focused Motley Fool-based strategy, which has returned 16.1% per year in its eight-year history in the U.S., vs. 3.5% for the S&P 500. “Just as analysts and institutional buyers (which are often too big to take a meaningful stake in small stocks) tend to overlook smaller stocks, so too do average investors,” Reese writes. “Because of that, smaller stocks are often a great place to look for bargains using fundamental analysis. If a big company is trading at very attractive valuations and […]

Gardner Looks to Inflation-Fighters

Tom Gardner, co-founder and CEO of The Motley Fool, says he thinks the next ten years will be a much different story for stocks than the past ten years, and says investors should be keying on companies that have the ability to raise prices in an inflationary environment. In a wide-ranging interview with The Fool’s David Kuo, Gardner talks about both his broader approach to investing, and the current state of the market. While many are staying away from stocks because of the perception that we are in “uncharted waters”, Gardner has a different take. “The funny thing about the […]

“Foolish” Gardner: Learn from Others, Focus on Fundamentals

Tom Gardner, co-founder and CEO of The Motley Fool, says in an interview with Forbes that two of the most important things an investor can do are being open to learning from other successful investors, and taking a long-term view of the stock market. Gardner, who founded The Motley Fool online community with his brother David, was bullish earlier this year when many were pushing apocalyptic viewpoints; since then, the market has surged. “It’s tough to do, and it was,” he said of staying disciplined. “It’s sad to see your portfolio go down, but you really have to train yourself […]