Tilson On The Three Most Dangerous Words In Investing

Even the most astute investors can fall prey to emotions and behavioral biases, and in a recent interview value guru Whitney Tilson talks about how to keep those emotions and biases in check. “There is no sure-fire way to get rich quickly,” Tilson tells Steve Forbes. “In fact the pursuit of that usually leads to […]

Tilson Talks Valuations, Profit Margins

Top manager Whitney Tilson says the environment has become tough for value investors, but adds that he’s still finding some bargains out there. “This is not an ideal environment for a value investor like me because to find wonderful bargains it helps to have some distress in the market — or at least some area […]

Tilson On His New Strategy

In his annual letter to clients, top value investor Whitney Tilson says he is getting back to basics now that he is managing money on his own. “I truly believe that less is more,” writes Tilson in his first annual letter since he and former business partner Glenn Tongue parted ways. “Going forward, the funds […]

Where Tilson Is Finding Value

Top value investor Whitney Tilson recently gave an extensive presentation at the Value Investing Congress, saying he is “cautiously optimistic” that the U.S. economic recovery will continue and offering some of his top investing ideas. “I am cautiously optimistic that a tepid economic recovery will continue in the U.S.,” Tilson said, “but with the S&P […]

Tilson: China Is “Completely Uninvestable”

While Chinese stocks have fallen in recent months, top value investor Whitney Tilson isn’t seeing value in the Asian giant. In fact, he says China is “uninvestable”. In an email to ValueWalk.com, Tilson explains how his father appears to have been scammed after recently buying a product from a Chinese website, “yet another case study […]

Contrarian Picks for the Gurus

In his latest Nasdaq.com column, Validea CEO John Reese looks at some stocks that have been hit hard in the market’s recent downturn, and which now look like bargains.  Reese talks about how top value investors like Whitney Tilson and Warren Buffett use downturns as opportunities to add to their favorite picks — not reason […]

Tilson on Handling Short-Term Trouble

Value fund manager Whitney Tilson, who has a solid long-term track record but has struggled over the past month, recently talked with CNBC about how to handle short-term losses. Tilson says that as long as he still has strong conviction in his picks, he’ll use short-term declines as opportunities to add to those positions, which […]

Tilson on “Panicked Headline Investing”

In a recent interview with CNBC, Whitney Tilson talked about why his firm likes to invest in firms that are the subject of “panicked headline investing”. Tilson says that “we love buying stocks when we think the sellers don’t care about price,” and cites BP as an example, saying that the oil giant had such […]

Tilson: Big Value in Big Caps

Whitney Tilson is finding some of the best opportunities in the market in some of the market’s largest companies. “It’s one of the most attractive areas in the market,” he tells CNBC. “They’re incredible companies that are earning profits and trading at 10 to 12 times earnings with strong balance sheets and they’re returning cash to […]

Tilson On Financials, And The Importance Of Discipline

Whitney Tilson says he doesn’t think the U.S. is headed for financial Armageddon, which means numerous bargains — including several in the financial sector — are available right now. “Yes and no,” Tilson says when asked by Forbes’ Steve Forbes if there are more bargains in the market than there were in 2008. “In terms […]

Tilson & Heins on “Lottery” Picks

While they are value investors, Whitney Tilson and John Heins say that it’s okay to swing for the fences on riskier stocks. “Overpaying for stocks is always a bad idea,” the duo writes in their latest Forbes column. “But there are times when the market offers what we consider mispriced options on success. We will […]

Tilson: Apple’s Good, But Microsoft Is Better

While many investors are piling into areas of the market where economic growth has been concentrated and valuations are high, value investor Whitney Tilson says he’s keying on unloved blue chips. “There are a lot of big-cap blue-chip companies that are trading at moderate prices,” Tilson tells Reuters. “At a time when everyone is getting […]

Tilson & Tongue Rethink “Terrible” Business of Shorting

In their January letter to clients, top value investors Whitney Tilson and Glenn Tongue of T2 Partners say their big recent losses on short positions have led them to rethink their overall shorting approach. “Over time we’ve been quite successful shorting fads, frauds, promotions, declining businesses, and bad balance sheets,” say Tilson and Tongue, whose […]

Tilson: Housing Crisis Near “Seventh Inning”

Whitney Tilson, one of the few to warn of the housing bubble before it burst, says we are now around the “seventh inning” of the housing crisis. Tilson tells CNBC that he doesn’t think things will get a lot better anytime soon, but he also thinks it won’t get a lot worse, as the government […]

Tilson: “Froth” Making for Opportunities

In his latest letter to his hedge fund clients, top value investor Whitney Tilson says he thinks “froth” has been a big driver of the market recently, and says he remains high on short picks that have thus far disappointed. “The expectation (followed by the implementation) of another round of quantitative easing (QE2) triggered a […]

Tilson, Heins Like Money Managers

In their latest column for Kiplinger’s magazine, Whitney Tilson and John Heins say they are high on an unloved area of the market: money management firms that specialize in stock funds. In the article (not yet available on Kiplinger’s web site), Tilson and Heins write that money management is a fairly simple and very profitable […]

Tilson Stresses Stock-Picking in “Muddle-Along” Period

Value investor Whitney Tilson says he’s playing defense on the long side of his portfolio while finding plenty of opportunities on the short side. Tilson tells Forbes.com that he sees neither a V-shaped economic recovery nor a double-dip recession as likely. Instead, like Jeremy Grantham, he sees a period of “seven lean years” in which […]

Tilson: The U.S. Is Not Japan

While many investors are fearing that the U.S. will slide into a lengthy deflationary spiral similar to that which Japan has endured, top value manager Whitney Tilson says that is unlikely. Tilson offers Business Insider three reasons that the odds of the U.S. entering such a period are less than 5%: Compared to the size […]

Why The “Dissonant” Market Is Great News

In their latest column for Kiplinger’s, Whitney Tilson and John Heins say the current investment climate is among the most dissonant as they’ve ever seen — and that the contradictory stances investors have toward stocks are making for a myriad of opportunities. Tilson and Heins say investors are “torn between wanting safety and craving yield”, […]