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The Year In Review - What Guru based Models Emerged as Winners in 2014?

In this issue of the Validea Hot List, we look at which guru models were winners in 2014. The results may surprise you. Plus, the Hot List portfolio is rebalanced and five new names are being added, and this includes a large asset manager with solid fundamentals and a retailer showing value as we head into the year-end holiday spending season.


Validea Hot List

Who Was the Great Benjamin Graham, Father Of Value Investing, And What Makes Up A Value Strategy?

In this issue of the Validea Hot List we look at Validea's Ben Graham Value Investor model, inspired by Graham's Intelligent Investor, first published in 1949. Known as The Father of Value Investing, Graham inspired a number of famous investors. Mario Gabelli, John Neff, John Templeton, and, most famously, Warren Buffett are all Graham disciples who went on to their own stock market greatness.


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Staying Active With a Disciplined, Fundamentally Based Investing Strategy Key to Long-Term Outperformance

High active share measures how different a portfolio looks compared to its benchmark. High active share is also a characteristic of outperforming managers. The Validea Hot list typically displays a high degree of active share and with four new holdings coming into the portfolio on this months rebalancing, the degree of uniqueness and active share continues to grow.


Validea Hot List

Bouncing Back Strong With The Strategies Of Investing Greats

The stock market has rebounded nicely after it has early Fall troubles, and the Hot List has been doing even better. Read this week's newsletter to see which of the portfolio's holdings have fared best over the past fortnight. Plus, included in this issue is deep dive into Validea's John Neff inspired strategy, up 19.0% year to date vs. 8.9% for the S&P 500. Read more about the strategy and see the top ten scoring stocks based on the Neff model in this issue.


Validea Hot List

Thinking Long-Term and Finding Value in the Small-Cap Arena

It has been a difficult year so far for the Hot List. But in this week's newsletter, we look at why the data shows that the longer term picture remains bright for the portfolio. Also, the Validea Hot List portfolio has been rebalanced and five new names have been added to the portfolio. Included in the portfolio additions, is a specialty retailer of action sports related apparel that bodes impressive growth and value characteristics and is rated highly based on the Peter Lynch, Martin Zweig, Benjamin Graham and O Shaughnessy quantitative guru models.


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Market Roller Coaster Ride Provides Opportunity for Long-Term, Disciplined Investors

It has been a very volatile October so far for the stock market. How are the Hot Lists picks holding up? Read this week's newsletter to find out. Also, we highlight a nine point value strategy with accounting based factors developed by a little known academic. Included in this issue are the top ten stocks that pass this value based stock selection model.


Validea Hot List

The Quality Value Synthesis: A look at the Intersection Of Value + High Quality Stock Investing

The Validea Hot List Portfolio has been rebalanced, with a host new, smaller names coming into the portfolio. In addition, you will find a discussion about the intersection of value investing and high quality investing using systematic investing models and how combining the two types of approaches can help generate long-term market beating returns.


Validea Hot List

Exploring Joel Greenblatt's Value Based Magic Formula And The Strategy's Top Scoring Stocks Now

The latest data from the labor market, service sector, and manufacturing sector all had the market moving over the past fortnight. See how the Hot List's holdings fared amid all of that new economic data in this week's newsletter. Plus, Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula is highlighted. Greenblatt's simple and highly disciplined systematic value based model produced back tested returns of 30.8 percent per year from 1988 through 2004 (vs. 12.4 percent for the market). See the top ten stocks based on Validea's Magic Formula based model.


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Beyond 2,000: A Systematic Review of the Market's Current Valuation based on the Cold, Hard Data

The S&P 500 recently topped the 2,000 mark for the first time ever amid solid economic news. Read this week's newsletter to see how the current market valuation looks through multiple valuation models and to read about how the Hot Lists holdings are faring as the broader market climbs. Plus, the Hot List has five new names in the portfolio, including the beaten down gun maker Sturm Ruger and a small cap growth stock in the insurance industry with excellent growth and value characteristics.


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Buffett Based Model Finds 10 Top Scoring Stocks, Including TJX, Polaris And Accenture

While the markets 2014 gains have been mild, the US economy by some standards is performing as well as it has since the mid 2000s. See what thatís meant for the Hot List's holdings in this week's newsletter. Also, the Warren Buffett model is highlighted and included in this issue of the Hot List is 10 top scoring Buffett like stocks that have earnings consistency, high levels of profitability and attractive valuations.


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How Unsexy Investment Models Can Spice Up your Portfolio

The latest data shows the U.S. economy has bounced back from the struggles earlier in the year. In this issue, we look at the economic data as well as various research that supports how models can be more effective and predictive in investing vs. humans. Also, the Hot List has been updated and 6 newcomers have been added to the portfolio.


Validea Hot List

10 Contrarian Stock Ideas Based On The David Dreman Model

Another good jobs report has highlighted a solid fortnight of economic data. Check out this week's newsletter to see how the Hot List's holdings are faring amid the improvement. Plus, the David Dreman contrarian based model is highlighted and we list the top ten stocks currently passing this deep value, out of favor stock selection strategy.


Validea Hot List

TJX, A Top Rated Buffett-Like Stock Plus Five Other New Picks

It has been nearly three years since we had a market correction. Here's how to keep your emotions in check the next time one does hit. Plus, the Hot List has been rebalanced and in addition to TJX there are five other top quality stocks that meet the fundamental criteria of Validea's guru based models.


Validea Hot List

USANA Health Sciences Leads The Way

Led by a solid jobs report and strong industrial sector growth, economic data has been positive over the past fortnight, though problems overseas are posing a threat both in the U.S. and abroad.


Validea Hot List

Williams Sonoma, Coach And Two Other Stocks To Add To Your Portfolio

Validea's stock screens indicate that four new guru favored stocks are worth considering. Check our latest newsletter to find out what they are.


Validea Hot List

Monster, TJX And Eight Other Stocks To Watch

The Validea Hot List selects the 10 highest scoring stocks out of a universe of 3000 securities using the strategies of legendary investors. These ten stocks score the highest and have made the cut for the portfolio. Find out what they are in this week's issue.


Validea Hot List

Re-evaluating Value

New data turns the notion of small cap value stocks outperforming larger growth stocks over the Long-Term on its head. Read this week's newsletter for all the details.


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Six Stocks That Would Appeal To Peter Lynch

Find out more about the investment strategy of legendary investor Peter Lynch and see ten stocks that pass muster based on his investment strategy.


Validea Hot List

The Economy's Rebound Continues, Good News For Manufacturing, Service And Employment

The U.S. economy is continuing to rebound from its winter slowdown. Find out what the changing econonic data could mean for the market and see 10 stocks that pass the tests of history's best investors in our latest issue.


Validea Hot List

Employment Is On The Rise Despite The Economy's Winter Doldrums

New claims for unemployment fell in each of the last two weeks, reaching their lowest level in several months. See what the improving jobs picture means for the market and find out the latest ten stocks the pass our strategies of Investment Legends like Watrren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham.


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Five Investing Lessons For Success In The Long Haul

There is a lot we can learn from what has transpired in the markets the last five years. Here are five lessons that should help you profit in the future.


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A Momentum Stock That Passes the Test of History's Best Investors

BofI has been flying high since its last earnings announcement. See which guru models it passes and why in our latest issue.


Validea Hot List

What To Do When a Market Correction Hits

Market corrections are inevitable. Here is a way to work through them using principles that have proven themselves over the long-term.


Validea Hot List

Take A Page From John Neff's Book: Look For Unloved Stocks

By focusing on beaten down, unloved stocks, John Neff was able to find value in places that most investors overlooked. See ten stocks that meet his stringent tests.


Validea Hot List

Three Reasons For Market Optimism

Signals indicate it's not time to cut back on equities if you are a long-term investor. Find out what these signals are and what they mean for the market long-term.


Validea Hot List

An Initially Rocky 2013 Economy Ended On Much More Stable Footing

New orders, which were contracting slightly when the year started, edged higher in December and remain at an extremely strong level, the highest in nearly four years, a very good sign going forward. See what the latest economic data means for the market and get ten stock picks from legends that are poised to outperform over the long-term.